When it comes to wall colour people go creative and even take expertise to help the bedroom gaming room opt the right one as it is integral to the entire vibe of the home. If we have a look at the trend subtle and neutral are a rage, to be precise, grey is the widely preferred one. A grey wall definitely adds an oomph factor and sets a perfect backdrop for experimenting with the interiors. Therefore, if you have made the mind to go grey with the walls, it is equally important that you pick the correct tone of the curtains too as it is that one thing that totally spins the interior game and crucially complements the wall colour. If you are looking for such curtain related suggestions for your grey walls, here are some suggestions that can prove to be a help:

1. Pure White: If there’s one colour that you can never go wrong with, then it has to be white. If you are on the hunt for that quintessential colour, then white would be a perfect drape. The white color juxtaposed against grey walls instantly adds an oomph factor and gives a soothing touch while making the entire look more positive as well as prominent without much overdo. To give it an elite spark, hang the white curtains high above the window till floor’s length with medium toned wooden flooring.

2. Charcoal Grey: Grey walls gives the scope of a wide range of colour that can be paired with it but if you want to experiment with the look of your bedroom and want to give it a minimalistic touch without making it look monotonous, then opting charcoal grey curtains against light grey walls will definitely stand out. None of the shades seem to be overpowering but rather they blend in effortlessly making everything fall in place. The contrasting effect of this combination strike the perfect balance and gives a modern, simple yet elegant look.

3. Cream: Cream colored curtains is another interesting option that can be paired against grey walls. The cream colour highlights the grey background which in turn gives a radiant, ethereal yet mellowed effect. This combination uplifts the vibe of the room and looks regal.

4. Crimson Red: If you are not too much into neutrals and your heart sways for bright and bold shades, then crimson red curtains will be the ideal pick for dark grey walls. The eye catchy red colored curtains add a touch of spice to the dark grey walls and evokes an intense and passionate edge. Both contemporary and classic, this dynamic combination strikes a vibrant chord while giving an air of richness and vitality.

5. Teal Blue: Teal blue is a cool tone shade and is a much agreeable colour for curtains against deep-toned grey walls. The incorporation of curtains add a pop of rich colour which stand in a sharp contrast to the grey walls and create a natural depth. The combination of these distinct cool-toned shades enhances the setting of your bedroom and looks exquisite.

6. Mustard Yellow: If you want to amplify the beauty of your grey walls by adding a tint of brightness but you don’t want to go with the regular bright hues, then mustard yellow is the perfect alternate that will add on glam to the simple grey walls. The curtains appear to be a perennial source of sunshine against the grey walls and delivers elegance to the overall ambience of the room. The sophisticated tint that results from this simple combination is a hit affair.

7. Beige: If you desire to stick to neutrals for your curtains against grey walls, then beige is the colour that will pull off the look you want. The warm tone of beige curtains hits a perfect synchronization with the grey walls. It gives an incandescent, refined touch infused with hints of sophistication. This kind of combination is representative of modern times.

So, these were some of the basic yet stylish ideas related to curtains for grey walls that can be utilized to give your bedroom a revamp. Just make sure that you choose the right grey shade that accords with the overall interior of the room.

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