The wedding flower bouquet is something important for the bride. That is why preparing it well is really important. To satisfy you, you can arrange your own wedding flower bouquet. There are some choices of the wedding flower bouquet that you can choose. It could be the simple single stem with a simple decoration or a bunch of flowers that arranged together with a certain concept. For your considerations, here are the possible wedding flower bouquets you can have.

Single Stem Bouquet

If you choose to have a single stem bouquet, it is better for you to pick the big bloom. For your recommendation, a single giant sunflower or dahlia is the pretty one that can create a whimsical and cheerful impression. However, you can also use another flower but make sure that it is big enough so that it can be recognized well although only a single stem. Tie the flower with a ribbon or wrap it with fabric to beautify the flower.

King Protea Single Stem Bouquet from Chicvintagebrides

Purple Single Stem Bouquet from Chicvintagebrides

Open Peony Single Stem Bouquet from Chicvintagebrides

Pink Rose Single Stem Bouquet from Chicvintagebrides

DIY Big Flower Bouquet from Chicvintagebrides

White Single Stem Bouquet from Chicvintagebrides

DIY Open Magnolia Bouquet from Chicvintagebrides

Large Pink Peony Bouquet from Weddingomania

Single Pink Bloom Bouquet from Weddingomania

Red Single Stem Bouquet from Weddingomania

White Dahlia Flower Bouquet from Weddingomania

DIY King Protea Bouquet from Weddingomania

All White Bouquet

White is a pure color that will be really awesome for a wedding flower bouquet. There are varied white flowers that you can use from orchid, rose, peonies, dahlia, and more. You can have one kind of flower or you can combine some flowers all together into one bouquet. That will be an awesome and pure wedding flower bouquet.

Orchid Bouquet from Brides

Peonies Bouquet from Brides

Dahlia Bouquet from Theknot

White Mix Flower Bouquet from Theknot

Hydrangea and Roses Bouquet from Theknot

Ranunculus and White Berries Bouquet from Theknot

Tulip Flower Bouquet from Theknot

White Orchid Bouquet from Theknot

Peonies and Lisianthus Bouquet from Theknot

Roses Bouquet from Theknot

Roses Bouquet

Roses are a must for a wedding flower bouquet. It shows love and represents romantic feelings. That is why roses are chosen by so many people to be their wedding flowers. There are some different kinds of roses that also have a different impression. From red, white, yellow, peach, or pink, all are pretty and awesome just based on the meaning and impression you want to have.

Red and Pink Rose Bouquet from Huffpost

DIY Red Rose Bouquet from Weddingomania

Peach Rose Bouquet from Stylisheve

Pink Rose Bouquet from Stylisheve

Big Rose Bouquet from Stylisheve

DIY Roses Bouquet from Harpersbazaar

White Rose Bouquet from Harpersbazaar

Soft Pink Rose Bouquet from Harpersbazaar

Colorful Rose Bouquet from Harpersbazaar

Minimalist Pink Rose Bouquet from Harpersbazaar

Ivory Rose Bouquet from Floweraura

Purple and White Rose Bouquet from Deerpearlflowers

Cascade Bouquet

For the elegant, festive, and luxury wedding flower bouquet, you can choose the cascade style. The form that sticks out down makes the bouquet looks really stand out and adorable. You can use some different flowers all together to make an aesthetic one. You can also combine it with the foliage then wrap or tie the bouquet by using the pretty ribbon or fabric.

Hellebores and Lilac Cascade Bouquet from Elledecor

Orchid Cascade Bouquet from Elledecor

Baby Green Hydrangea Cascade Bouquet from Elledecor

Succulent Cascade Bouquet from Marthastewart

Tonal Cascade Bouquet from Marthastewart

Hydrangeas Cascade Bouquet from Marthastewart

Air Plant Cascade Bouquet from Marthastewart

Rose and Hydrangea Cascade Bouquet from Marthastewart

 Pink Floral Cascade Bouquet from Marthastewart

Mix Cascade Bouquet from Marthastewart

Peony and Leaves Cascade Bouquet from Marthastewart

Monochrome Bouquet

In case you want to combine many different kinds of flowers in varied sizes, you can choose the ones with the same color tone. That will be really useful not to make them look clashing. That will be a visually interesting wedding bouquet that will make your wedding ceremony feels more lovely and memorable.

Red Tone Bouquet from Weddingomania

Yellow Tone Bouquet from Weddingomania

Burgundy Tone Bouquet from Weddingomania

Orange Tone Bouquet from Weddingomania

Gold Tone Bouquet from Weddingomania

Lilac Tone Bouquet from Weddingomania

Pink Tone Bouquet from Weddingomania

Blue Tone Bouquet from Marthastewart

DIY Pink Tone Bouquet from Marthastewart

Warm Pink Tone Bouquet from Marthastewart

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