There are many ways to make a flower craft. You might have to make j it from a plastic bag, paper bag, or wood. What about creating it from a cup? It is a cup that is made of plastic or stereo form. We usually find it in a coffee shop. After drinking a cup of coffee, people will throw the cup away. We can use it to make beautiful flowers for our kids. Even, we can ask them to make it with us. Check out how to make a flower from u cup further below! Are you ready to make a sunflower in your version? Here we go!

How to make flowers from upcycle cups to decorate1

First, take a cup and draw the pattern using a pencil or pen. Make a circle at the bottom of it to make the grass. Then, trace the lines at the center from up to down to make the branch. It will show it and base later on.

How to make flowers from upcycle cups to decorate2

Second, cut the circular line you have made before using scissors. Then stop it when you meet the branch lines. It is an important step that will lead us to make a flower. Do it carefully to get a perfect flower shape.

How to make flowers from upcycle cups to decorate3

Third, continue cutting as you see in the picture. Can you see the lines? Cut them out. Those will be the grass later. What do you think so far? Is there any tricky step? No, right?

How to make flowers from upcycle cups to decorate4

Fourth, we continue to make the petals. Cut the bottom part of the cup line by line. Then, open it up, and you will get a flower petal that looks like the picture. This step already shows the flower.

How to make flowers from upcycle cups to decorate5

Fifth, it is time to color the flower. Use greens for the grass and branch. Then, use yellow for the flower. Look! It seems like a real sunflower, huh? Draw the face to make it more beautiful.

How to make flowers from upcycle cups to decorate6

Now, you get beautiful sunflowers in your room. The kids will love them so much. Feel free to customize the colors and sizes you want. Ask your kids to make more flowers with you. Make as many as possible to fill the entire wall in your kid’s room. We believe you can make this craft in minutes. Have fun!




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