Our home is a sanctuary, a collection of uniquely designed rooms, each with its own energy and purpose. While we may completely switch off in the bedroom in order to recharge and replenish, our kitchen may be the place of exciting culinary experiments or of comforting foods that make us feel safe and at ease. 

Each of these rooms is designed to fulfill a specific function and it’s always up to us to infuse it with the energy we want it to have. Take, for instance, the bathroom. A smaller sanctuary within the bigger one, the bathroom is by definition a place of self-care and pampering. Having said this, it would be a shame, then, to leave it sterile and uninviting, especially if you haven’t renovated it in a while. 

Having said this, we’re going to look at five easy ways to spruce up your bathroom and upgrade to a room that’s not only chic, but also up-to-date with the times.

1. Create a Focal Point

Every room needs to have its very own focal feature, an object or a spot that ties the entire room together. Not only this, but it’s also the kind of addition that stands out from the other design elements of the room. 

However small or big you make it to be, the beauty of a bathroom focal point is that it gives you complete creative freedom. It can either be a large, stunning plant or eclectic artwork, an impressive wallpapered wall, or a unique window dressing. There’s really no limit in what you can choose to be the focal point of the room – the size of the bathroom won’t really matter either, you’ll see.

2. Get Stunning Tapware

That’s right, something as seemingly small as the tapware in your bathroom can have a massive effect on your mood when you enter this room of the house. Most people tend to keep their tapware outdated and dull, which definitely decreases the entire value of the bathroom.

However, if you choose to get elegant new tapware, you’ll not only give the bathroom a fresh new feel, but you’ll also give it a modern spin. Add a touch of luxury to your chosen tapware design and you’ll feel like entering a sleek oasis, away from anything else happening in the house.

3. Create an Accent Wall

An accent wall can work wonders for your bathroom and it comes with minimal intervention. For example, you can create a wall with subway tiles – choose a color you’d like to see there every single day and let the design refresh your pampering sessions. The tiles are cheap and the colors are aplenty – all you need to do is get creative.

If you’re feeling bolder these days, you can also get a wallpaper accent wall – it’s certainly different and creates a feeling of elegant opulence. It’s perhaps a bit more pretentious than it would be in any other room of the house, but if you have a really well-ventilated bathroom, then you’re good to go. 

4. Play With Textures

There’s nothing more visually enthralling than walking into a richly-textured room. Beautifully draped windows, adorned with lush plants and tied together by a luxurious carpet. But what if you don’t stop here? Let it be a feast for the senses.

Rid yourself of boring tiles that line the bathroom and choose instead materials that actually take this room to another level.

Choose a marble bathroom accent or a travertine feature. Choose stone finishings or install a glass wall overseeing the great outdoors, if your room allows you to have such a magnificent open view.

5. Make It Pop

Another way to make your bathroom feel like it’s been renovated is to make it pop by adding strong colors here and there. In fact, it’s enough to just get intensely colorful or patterned curtains to change things around – a single block color will do the trick, just as a design from your favorite illustrator would.

Adding color to the bathroom can also be accomplished once you paint your cabinets. This technique will pay off, especially if the ones you have are old, since it enables you to breathe fresh life into them without actually digging deep into your wallet. 

In the end, it doesn’t take much to spruce up your bathroom, nor does it need to break your bank. Revitalizing your bathroom and bringing it up-to-speed with the times often requires creativity and thinking outside the box – a color change here and there, a dash of new textures and an accent wall to make it all come to life. 

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