Choosing the right decor to fill the blank space is can be a bit frustrating for some of you. Besides make your wall space more lively, something that you put on the wall can create a character at home. To inspire you, we’ve gather these 5 ideas below!

1. Bohemian

Boho has been popular for quite some time now and it seems to have gained in popularity with regards to home decor. If you love this look, the pictures below will inspire you decorating your blank wall space!

This hanger is not only to hold jewelry, but it is also a perfect art to fill the wall that only made of a piece of wood and hook

This fabric scrap garland is the perfect way to add some chic bohemian charm and it is so easy to make. you can hang them with twine, rope, or whatever you have on hand

Macrame is a gorgeous way to add some boho chic style to your home and it is a fun and easy craft

Here is another great way to display your favorite pictures in bohemian chic style and also, make your wall less boring

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2. Minimalist

Let’s make a punchy statement in minimalist style! All you need is of course, creativity and simplicity.

You can turn a plain table runner into original, stylish no-weave wall hanging art work

Minimal doesn’t need to mean straight and narrow. simple circles are also an interesting addition to your office or living room

Get inspired by space to decorate your space with this moon phase mobile

Bring all the essence of the lodge without all the clutter by making this test tube vase antlers

Add some easy shelving that creates beauty as well as storage such as this copper and marble shelves

A handy and stylist leather strap makes this clock stand out a little more

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3. Farmhouse

Let’s bring the beautiful and relaxing country look into our home with these farmhouse wall decor ideas below!

This huge shelves surely can display your favorite stuff at home.this shelves are relatively easy and not expensive at all

This DIY farmhouse rustic wood frame is perfect for messages or really dress it up with any number of things that add to your farmhouse charm

The barn wood shelves are so simple and an easy way to bring a bit of farmhouse charm into your home

Since pallets are so versatile, creating this project can be a great options for you. and plus, this easy project’s cost is less than $15

If you have a staircase, this gallery wall will instantly transform it into authentic farmhouse style

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4. Industrial

If a classy furniture and the neatly polished interiors catch your attention, then a gorgeous industrial style suits you best.

This huge metal wall art will steal the attention

Print out some pictures, frame it, hang it, and a mid century modern industrial wall decor is ready

Industrial shelves furniture play a big role of your space

If you have a fine drawing skill, go on with this one

Fill your wall with this DIY open showcase wine

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5. Nautical

DIY nautical decor doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need is bring a driftwood, shells, and rope, make something creative with it, and your DIY project is done! You can also add some starfish, fishnets and anchors!

This homemade starfish salt dough ornaments look so expensive while it’s not! all you need is a dough and toothpick

Shadow box with beautiful scallop shells

Paint your pallet, draw it with anchor, and this DIY anchor pallet sign and hang it on your wall!

Make your wall more personal with this DIY project

Make your own driftwood shelf and add a nautical hardware

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