Do you have limited land for your gardening activities? Wait a minute, you don’t have to despair. There are many ways to have your own garden. One of them is by creating a vertical garden. This type of garden works well in a limited space and can add character to your space. In order to create your own vertical garden, you can use recycled items. You can build a vertical garden using trellises and pergolas and other items around your home. And for your information, there are plenty of ideas for DIY vertical gardens that will make a great addition to your garden.

If you’re thinking about building your own vertical garden, you can create a pergola to propagate your plants. Or, you can add a trellis to hang your potted plants. You can also repurpose rain gutters to make your own vertical garden. Not only are they not heavy, but they can also be attached to a wall or fence easily. You can even use a step ladder or old ladder for the vertical garden. Moreover, wooden pallets are great for making a vertical garden. They are not only cheap but also can be leaned up against a wall or fence easily. For another vertical garden idea, you can use PVC pipes, used bottles, crates, tin cans, tiered planters, living walls, a DIY tower garden, and more. Here are some ideas for you.

Wooden Vertical Garden  from balconygardenweb

Layered Vertical Garden from balconygardenweb Vertical Garden Kits  from balconygardenweb Wicking Pots Garden  from balconygardenweb Tall Structure Vertical Garden  from balconygardenweb Upside Down Bottles Vertical Garden  from balconygardenweb
Vertical Garden Pyramid Tower  from balconygardenweb Self-Watering Vertical Garden  from balconygardenweb Vertical Wooden Garden Wall  from balconygardenweb Mini Herb Planter from balconygardenweb Pallet Vertical Herb Garden from balconygardenweb Metal Gutters Vertical Garden  from balconygardenweb Hanging Pocket Shoe Garden from balconygardenweb Wooden Pot Hanger  from balconygardenweb Wooden Steps Planter  from balconygardenweb Wooden Pallet Vertical Garden  from balconygardenweb Hanging Metal Pottedfrom balconygardenweb White Boxes Planter from balconygardenweb Hang Steel Containers  from balconygardenweb Upcycled Rainbow Pallet Flower Garden  from balconygardenweb Colorful Wood Plank Planter from balconygardenweb Vertical Pallet Herb Garden from balconygardenweb Colorful Vertical Planters  from balconygardenweb Hanging Trellis Planter  from balconygardenweb Hanging Gutter Planter and Stand  from balconygardenweb Morrocan Backdrop Planter from balconygardenweb PVC Pipe Vertical Garden  from balconygardenweb Bottle Tower Gardening from balconygardenweb Cedar Vertical Tiered Ladder Garden from balconygardenweb  Vertical Chicken Wire Planter from balconygardenweb Hydroponic Vertical Garden from balconygardenweb Vertical Garden Mini Kit from balconygardenweb Mini Basket Hanging Garden from balconygardenweb Minimalistic Herb Garden from balconygardenweb Succulent Tower Planter from balconygardenweb Succulent Wall Planters from balconygardenweb

Pallet Vertical Planter from realhomes Colorful Tin Can Planter from realhomes Vertical Suculent Frame from realhomes Plant Ladder from realhomes Wooden Stand Planter from realhomesVertical Trellis Planter from realhomes

Old Gutters Planter from realhomes

Wooden Hanging Garden from homebnc

Hanging Terracota Potted  from homebncBright Pink Vertical Poted  from homebnc Vertical Living Wall  from homebnc Repurpose Old Vertical Planter from homebnc Pastel Blue and Green Potted from homebnc  Metal Pipe Vertical Garden from homebnc Basket Pallet Planter from homebncWooden Pallet Vertical Garden from homebncBlue Potted Vertical Garden from homebnc   Drift Wood Vertical Garden from homebnc

Stacked Drawers Planter from homebnc

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