If you are looking for memo board ideas for your home or also an office, this is the right place for you. Here we have collected the ideas to create a memo board that is inexpensive and easy to copy. All the ideas are on Utilitarian DIY Memo Boards Ideas For Your Home Or Office

Cork Memo Boards

Cork memo boards Utilitarian DIY Memo Boards Ideas For Your Home Or Office


The cork memo boards are important to put all your random little notes, lists, and other office-y bits. Then, this cork memo boards role as a soft spot to go but still look stylish. The supplies to create these memo boards are cork trivets, painter’s tape, acrylic paint, clear craft glue, leather cording, foam paintbrush, a knife, and a ruler. When you have done the process, you will have colorful and pretty pattern memo boards.

Elastic Memo Board

Elastic memo board Utilitarian DIY Memo Boards Ideas For Your Home Or Office


This elastic memo board offers you a unique and special look even from afar. It lets you easily attach memos and pictures behind the elastics and keep everything in place.

Plywood Memo Board

This is probably the simplest memo board ever that offers a perfect process to quickly write down important things as they are rushing out of the house in every earlier morning.

Pallet Memo Board

This pallet memo board serves you a rustic memo board style which has a very distinct look. If you have a country house style, this is a pretty smart choice for your daily organizing. Moreover, this pallet memo board is an inexpensive addition to add more style to your farmhouse.

French Memo Board

It is a classic and beautiful board that will appeal to the part of your French home d├ęcor. By using this memo card, you will never forget an appointment or lose a business card anymore. Besides, the purpose to beautify your wall will be done with this memo board. The materials to create this memo board are foam board, scissors, fabric, hot glue gun, fiber-fill, ribbon, round fasteners, pencil, and craft needle.

Memo Frame

This memo board with some string and a frame of choice is so lovely. If you display the picture of your closest ones and dearest people, it will help you to be aware of how blessed you have been. All the sweet memories with those people are incomparable.



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