We have many bed sheets. We change our bed sheets almost every week. Then, we buy new bed sheets often. So, we collect various patterns of bed sheets. When one of them is already old, what next? Should we throw it away? Donating an old bed sheet is not a good idea. What about turning it into something new? Look at our list below! We will see DIY things we can make from old bed sheets. Read further and get more inspiration!

DIY Dog Bed Pillow Case from A Sheet



Do you have a dog? What about giving him a new dog bed? Let us gather the supplies needed. Take a memory foam mattress topper, 3 yards of medium old bed sheet, zipper, ruler or yardstick, scissors, knife, sewing machine, pins, iron, and ironing bed. Are you ready to make a dog bed? Check out the instruction here.

Make a Duvet Cover Out of a Sheet

Do you see the duvet at the end of the bed in the picture? You can make it out of old bed sheets. Find the proper size sheets and make some layers. Sew the sheets together. So, you will get a warm duvet. Then, flip the sheet inside out. Make the ties and sew them on the sheet. You will need twelve at least. See the instruction here.

Ombre Ruffled Curtains Using Bed Sheets

What a clever idea! You can make these curtains using different patterns. You will need two flat twin bed sheets, a tape measure, cotton fabric, coordinating all-purpose cotton thread, a sewing machine, scissors, and pins. Then, prepare iron, double-fold binding, strips, ironing board, curtain road, and curtain rings. Check out more about how to make these ruffled curtains from HGTV.

Waterproof Picnic Blanket from Old Bed Sheet

Spring comes with blooms everywhere. It is time to go picnic with our lovely family and friends. Oh, don’t forget to bring a picnic blanket. No need to buy it. You can make a DIY picnic blanket from old reusable grocery bags, old bed sheets, and a sewing machine. Check out how to make it here and make a waterproof outdoor blanket in your version.

DIY Crib Bumpers Made from Bed Sheets

Your baby should sleep well every day. Give him cozy crib bumpers. You can make them using old bed sheets. Prepare the supplies. You will need old bed sheets, foam wadding, ribbon, fleece, thread, a sewing machine, a ruler, and scissors. Check out the instructions on how to make DIY crib bumpers here.

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