Unicorn is surely cute as you can use it as a figure theme for your craft projects. Well, it might only fit girls but it is really worth it since unicorns can be really cute especially when you make it by using the proper materials. Also, you should consider the color choice. We all know that colors have a character so that make sure that you choose the right one. Make the craft with your kids so that you can adjust their taste and imagination.

Since girls love accessories, then you can make unicorn accessories crafts like headbands, hairclip, or necklaces. Your girls will be surely seen as pretty and cute when they wear unicorn accessories. The other craft ideas are you can make unicorn toys, ornament, or something more useful like storage, pencil holder, book cover, etc. Here we have 55 references that you can copy. Please go down for the detailed images.

Felt Unicorn Horn Headband from Thecraftyblogstalker

Dream Catchers Unicorn from Thecraftyblogstalker

Unicorn Roll Craft from Thecraftyblogstalker

Toilet Tube Unicorn from Thecraftyblogstalker

Paper Bag Unicorn from Thecraftyblogstalker

Stained Glass Unicorn from Thecraftyblogstalker

Popsicle Stick Unicorns from Thecraftyblogstalker

3D Paper Unicorn Head from Thecraftyblogstalker

Pumpkin Unicorn from Thecraftyblogstalker

Pillow Unicorn from Stylemotivation

Unicorn Planter from Stylemotivation

Sleeping Mask from Stylemotivation

Crochet Unicorn from Stylemotivation

DIY 3D Unicorn Card from Diyprojectsforteens

Pink Paper Unicorn from Diyprojectsforteens

Glitter Unicorn from Diyprojectsforteens

Newspaper Unicorn from Diyprojectsforteens

Bookmark Unicorn from Diyprojectsforteens

Mason Jar Unicorn from Diyprojectsforteens

Paper Unicorn from Lollyjane

Pooping Sprinkle Unicorns from Lollyjane

PiƱata Unicorn from Lollyjane

Stone Unicorn from Lollyjane

DIY Unicorn Bookmark from Lollyjane

Felt Unicorn Hairclip from Lollyjane

Clothespin Unicorn from Lollyjane

White and Pink Unicorn Headband from Lollyjane

Paper Unicorn Lantern from Lollyjane

Colorful Unicorn Backdrop from Lollyjane

Perla Beads Unicorn from Lollyjane

Paper Plate Unicorn from Lollyjane

Pencil Holder from Lollyjane

Clay Unicorn from Lollyjane

DIY Unicorn Snow Globe from Lollyjane

Paper Unicorn Head from Lollyjane

Canvas Unicorn from Lollyjane

Monogram Unicorn from Lollyjane

Sticks Unicorn from Lollyjane

White Unicorn Mask from Lollyjane

DIY Felt Unicorn Pencil Case from Lollyjane

White Unicorn Pillow from Lollyjane

Unicorn Necklace from Lollyjane

Slime Unicorn from Lollyjane

Paper Unicorn from Lollyjane

Egg Unicorn from Naturalbeachliving

DIY Unicorn Photo Frame from Homedit

Balloon Unicorn from Homedit

Embroider Unicorn Craft from Homedit

White Plate Unicorn from Homedit

Pink Unicorn Wreath from Homedit

Rocking Chair Unicorn from Homedit

Balloon Animal DIY Unicorn from Hellocreativefamily

DIY No Sew Rainbow Unicorn Cape from Hellocreativefamily

White Egg Unicorn from Hellocreativefamily

Toilet Tube Unicorn Head from Hellocreativefamily

Blue Balloon Unicorn from Hellocreativefamily

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