Some people love dark colors for their room. A bedroom with moody dark color will never out of style. Furthermore, it will look glam and warm. Dark colors will work for all styles such as minimalist, rustic, industrial, contemporary, and even bohemian. You are free to customize with copper, gold, and silver touches as well. In this article, we show inspiring ideas to decorate a bedroom in dark shades. Let us see further below!

Bold Yet Moody Bedroom

Bold yet moody bedroom

The bedroom appears so sophisticated with green walls. The designer chooses a navy ceiling with stars to get a calm atmosphere. Then, it has a fireplace and a round mirror too. See the metal bed and printed pillows that look so interesting.

Chic Nordic Moody Bedroom

Chic nordic moody bedroom

See the black paneling that brings this bedroom into a dark atmosphere. It has navy bedding to add a moody feeling. You can see the black furniture plus a sconce that create a chic decoration. This simple decoration is easy to copy for anyone who loves a dark bedroom.

Contemporary Moody Bedroom

Contemporary moody bedroom

The bedroom has black walls dan black furniture that will never go out of style. The room is completed well with a wooden bench to sit and read books any time you want. There are pendant lamps and art too. The one who loves a contemporary look will love this decoration.

Dark And Moody Bedroom In Navy

Dark and moody bedroom with navy

We love the navy walls and a white ceiling that works well to show a moody appearance. This bedroom also has black modern furniture with a printed statement wall plus an arrangement of mirrors that so calm and cozy.

Dark Vintage Bedroom

Dark vintage bedroom

This picture shows us that black walls and black furniture are perfect for moody bedroom decoration. Moreover, the curtains and wooden stool give a vintage look. It has a mirror on the wall to complete its vintage feeling.

Glam Moody Bedroom

Glam moody bedroom

What do you think of this bedroom decoration? It has wooden furniture and an oversized mirror in a gold frame that shows a glam tone. Then, see a sunburst chandelier that tells us more about the luxurious look. Completed with faux animal skis, the bedroom appears so sophisticated.

Moody Boho Bedroom

Moody boho bedroom

Dark colors also work well for a bohemian bedroom. This picture shows that black walls look awesome to apply in the bedroom. It has a glazed one that adds serenity. Look at the comfy modern furniture in this bedroom that works well with pendant bulbs and bedding.


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