Life happens quickly. One minute, you’re decorating your seven-year-old’s dinosaur-themed bedroom, and the next, they are turning fourteen and telling you they don’t want glow-in-the-dark stickers anymore. Before you know it, it’s time for a brand-new bedroom that reflects your child’s new-found maturity. 

Decorating a teenager’s bedroom is very different from decorating a young child’s. They often need more storage, privacy, and wall space to show off their ever-changing interests. If you’re a parent of a new teen, here are some valuable tips for decorating their bedroom. 

Choose a Theme

While your teen probably doesn’t want a princess-themed bedroom anymore, a theme is still useful – just choose a more mature one. If you have a teen daughter, a boho theme might appeal to them. You could decorate with boho wall decor like tapestries and wooden wall hangings. 

Other great themes include floral, dynamic, vintage, sports, and retro. By having a theme, you can base the rest of the decor decisions around it. 

Add Lots of Shelves

Your teen will have lots of books, notepads, gifts, accessories, and more to place around their room. Instead of letting it clutter one section, build lots of shelves. There are plenty of great ideas for floating shelves, so you can make the most of the space while improving the overall look. 

Include a Spacious Study Space

Teens have to sit many exams, so they need an excellent place to study. By creating a spacious study area, you ensure they have a place to focus when they need to. Include a desk, a comfortable chair, stationary, and a shelf above where they can keep all their school books. From there, they can decorate with small items like plants and picture frames. 

Get an Accent Wall

If you want to make the teen bedroom a little more exciting, why not add an accent wall? While the rest of the walls are a standard, neutral color, one can show off your teen’s personality by being bright, bold, and interesting. You can purchase wallpaper, or you can get to work painting the accent wall together. If your teen is particularly artsy, you might even wish to let them have a go at painting their own design! 

Pick a Color Palette 

To make everything come together and feel in sync, choose a color palette and stick to it. Of course, your teen should have the final say here, but help them choose colors that complement each other. Maintaining a theme keeps everything in the room looking in balance while being pleasing to the eyes.

Combine Furniture and Storage

Most teens end up with a bedroom full of clutter – that’s normal. However, it becomes even more of a problem when they have a small room. One way to avoid this is by combining furniture and storage.

For instance, ottomans are great for providing a place to sit while holding plenty of items. You could also get a bed that lifts up to reveal lots of storage space. Remember – the more storage your teen has, the less messy their floor will be!

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