Katanas have been vital parts of Japanese history for centuries. Today, they remain one of the oldest surviving parts of fighting history that has gained global recognition. If you collect katanas or have recently decided to start collecting katanas, this article is for you. It contains details about the top five katanas for katana collectors all over the world. 

Five Katanas You Don’t Want to Miss

All the swords on the list below are high-end products, so keep reading to learn more about them. The price ranges vary between $250 and $1100.

Fuyu Katana

This is a hand-made 40.5-inch sword made with manganese steel. Made from shagreen leather, the 10.2-inch handle is slightly curved, making it easier for you to wield the sword. Depending on what you want in your collection, you can either buy the sharpened or unsharpened blade. The price ranges from $250 to $350.

Murasaki Katana

The Murasaki Katana has a straight blade and an equally straight handle, which makes it look like a traditional sword. The Murasaki Katana is not meant for cutting, but you can choose between sharpened and unsharpened blades. This handcrafted katana makes the perfect gift for someone who wants a decorative sword to hang in their living room or study. 

Shizen Katana

This product comes with a guard and is made of finely carved iron. It is shaped like a traditional katana and measures about 40.5 inches in length with the handle. Without the handle and guard, the blade alone is 29.5 inches long. When sharpened, the 0.30-inch thick blade can cut through the hardest surfaces. 

Emerarudo Katana

The Emerarudo is one of the most expensive high-end katanas on the market. The slightly curved blade is made of T10 steel with Hamon and BO-HI, while the sheet is made of lacquered wood and cotton. You can maintain a strong grip on the 10.2-inch handle as you swing the blade to hit your mark.

Yūkan’na Katana

Another rather expensive option is the Yūkan’na Katana. This beautiful sword can cost well over $1000 per piece. The Kobuse Forged blade combines T10 Steel and Hamon Clay Damascus. One of the unique features of the sword is the cross-sharpening option for the blade. 

Where to Buy a Katana 

You can buy your katana online from a reliable vendor. If you prefer buying from a brick-and-mortar store, look for a store that sells real katanas in your area. When buying online or from a physical store, you need to ensure the store offers handcrafted products made by people with experience in swordsmanship. There are many fake options, so you must be careful if you want an original sword for your collection. 


The katana will always remain an important symbol in Japanese culture. This traditional, curved, single-edged blade comes in different designs and sizes. They make a perfect addition for lovers of Samurai, Kendo, Ninja, Onna-musha, and Iaido practitioners. You can create your own katana collection and pass it down to your loved ones as a family tradition.

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