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Top 8 Cheap Ways to Spruce up Your Living Room

We spend most of our time in our living room. And, why not? After all, it’s the coziest and the most comfortable space in our home. While one might feel satisfied with their living area being exactly the same for years, some cannot resist experimenting with the style and theme of their living room.

If you belong to the latter category, we have good news for you! Upgrading your space doesn’t have to be costly! Sounds exciting, right? You can find plenty of cheap ways to add that little extra vibe you always wanted.

In this article, we will share with you some simple, affordable, yet classy ways to spruce up your living space. Continue reading. 

Add New Furniture 

Introducing a new piece of furniture can change the whole vibe of your space. Go with your personal style and choose something that matches your expectations. The only effort you have to put in is finding a place that sells affordable furniture and that too, in many varieties. 

You can go for cute stool sets or antique chairs to add a minimal but pleasing touch to your setting. You can find dozens of furniture options on the internet. 

You can also try rearranging existing furniture with new decor items. Remember that decorating your room might need a trial and error experiment. So, be patient with the process until you get what you want. 

Play With Colors 

Tell us the other best way to glamorize a living space than playing with different shades of colors! Hard to think, we bet. If you attentively notice, a room set is everything about colors. Its various shades, contrasting features, etc, make them perfect for accentuating the beauty of a room. 

The same goes for the living room. If you really want to spice up the vibe, play and experiment with colors. Do your own research, look for the best contrasting color ideas, and pick decorative pieces accordingly to pair with furniture.



Giving a refreshing look to your living room is not always about adding new things into the space but is more about getting rid of things that are of no use and take up the space unnecessarily. Although we understand the dilemma of giving your things away, it’s imperative to maintain a clean and peaceful living space. Besides, decluttering improves your mental health as throwing away unnecessary items can make you feel calmer and happier. 

Keep Your Space Clean and Tidy 

Investing big in your living room is of no use until you don’t know how to maintain it. Adding new things to your space is all easy but keeping it as it is can be challenging. Other than regular dusting and cleaning, proper sanitation is also important. 

Make sure you regularly clean every area of your space as insects like ants can easily make their way. To be on the safer side, you can hire a professional service and get Ant Pest control done in your house to get rid of ants and other insects. Keeping these small things in mind will help you keep your space clean and healthy. 

Add Indoor Plants 

Want to give your space a refreshing vibe? Fill your house with different types of indoor plants. Not only do they make your house look more pleasing and welcoming, but they are also brilliant for reducing air pollutants, such as benzene and formaldehyde. 

Besides adding greenery to your space, research shows that house plants trigger creativity and reduce stress. Here are some of the affordable house plants that you can add to your living space: 

  • Snake plant
  • Areca palm 
  • Pothos
  • Anthurium
  • Chinese money plant
  • English ivy
  • Aloe vera
  • Chinese evergreen

The best thing about these plants is that they are affordable and easy to maintain. Make sure to do your proper research on how much water and lighting they need to last for longer. Otherwise, the plants will wilt in no time. 

Personalize Your Living Room 

One of the most unique and beautiful ways to spruce up your living space is by personalizing it. Let people know that the space is yours. You can do this by adding items that reflect your liking, travels, hobbies, and other things.


You can also go for wall artworks like adding pictures of your friends and family or a photo gallery, maybe. Customized portraits, wall paintings, and DIY wall art ideas are also affordable options. This will add a creative and more personal touch to your space. You can find plenty of inspirational ideas about personalizing your living space on the internet. 

 Cheap Decor Items for Your Living Room: 

  • Photo gallery 
  • Candleholder
  • Antique sculptures 
  • Wall art
  • Empty frames
  • Mirrors 

Comfy and Cozy Rugs 

Rugs have to be the quintessential decorative accessories when it comes to adding color and definition to an established decor. From adding a classic touch to making your room warm and cozy, rugs are a must-have in your living space. You should choose a rug style that best suits your existing decor and lifestyle. Dark-colored patterned rugs, which are durable and easy to wash, would be a great option.

If you can afford customized rugs as per your space settings, that would be awesome. 

Introduce a new splash of color 

The best way to slick up your living room is by adding a new coat of paint and reinvigorating the entire space. Take a look around and research the color combinations which would go perfectly with your furnishing and room setting. Go for wall colors that complement your existing space and style preferences. You must try this budget-friendly idea to add a drastic and beautiful change to your house. 

Bottom Line 

Introducing a new vibe to your living room after every few months is great for a change. Not only does it make you feel happier and satisfied, but it also boosts your inner creativity. And if you are a home enthusiast who loves improving their house settings once in a while, you would love to try these above-mentioned tips and tricks.  

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