Everyone loves to keep a bunch of fresh flowers in their home. Fresh flowers can help lift up the spirits of your home and bring an aesthetic feel to the dull places in your room. It is one of the greatest ways to add visual appeals to your home in the most cost-effective manner. With proper care and measures, you will be able to add more life to your flowers and extend the joy they provide to you. You might have come across a few steps or tricks to make your flowers last. However, whether they are effective or not can be tough to decide. 

Nevertheless, below in this article, we have mentioned some most effective ways you can use to keep your flowers last longer in your home. Without further ado, here are some easy tricks that you can use daily to help your flowers stay fresh and healthy for weeks.  

1. Keep your vase clean

Flower vases are prone to catch bacteria and dust particles over time. Placing your flowers in the vase without cleaning them can affect the quality of your flower and make them lose their essence quickly. Wash your vase thoroughly with soap and running water. You can also use cleaning solutions to kill bacteria and germs present in your vase. 

2. Always cut the stems

Flowers intake water through their stems. Cutting stems in the right way allow flowers to intake water more efficiently. Avoid cutting stems is one of the common mistakes that most people make after receiving the flowers. You can cut one or two inches at a certain angle. You can also get your flowers trimmed by the gardener. Ensure to keep cutting the stems after every two to three days. 

3. Remove extra leaves

Extra and unwanted leaves can only create more problems for your stem. Extra leaves can give rise to problems such as bacteria and germs. Bacteria and germs can harm your flowers and make them lose their essence at a much faster rate. Pruning extra leaves can help you keep the water clean and your beautiful blooms fresh and healthy for a longer period of time. 

4. Select the right size vase

Not any type of vase is suitable for your flowers. Improper shapes and sizes of vases can affect the water intake capacity of your flowers to the next levels. It is important that the clipped stems fit nicely into the opening or mouth of your vase. Flowers with taller stems require a narrow tall vase and flowers with smaller stems require a wider mouth vase. 

5. Change the water frequently

Not many people know that fresh and clean water can keep your cut flowers alive longer. You must change the water in your vase after every two to three days. Keeping water for a longer period of time can allow the surface of the vase to catch bacteria and germs more easily and quickly. Toxic water is the main reason why flowers often tend to die early. While replacing the water, make sure to wash your vase with clean water and soap. 

6. Use flower food

If you wish to keep your flowers fresh and healthy for a longer time, then add a packet of flower food after every two to three days. Flower food packets can help you keep your water clean and flowers healthy for a longer period of time. On days when you don’t have enough time to change the water or cut the stem of your flowers, you can use flower food packets. 

7. Keep your flowers away from the sun and fruits

Sun rays and ethylene gas from fruits and vegetables are the worst enemies of flowers. Place your flowers in dark places in your room away from both sun and fruits. This can help you add appealing effects to your dull spaces and change the atmosphere of your home. 

When selecting the best flower delivery stores, make sure to check their website and years of experience in this industry. Reading online reviews is always an ideal decision to gather optimum information about the service providers. 

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