Plumbing emergencies can wreak havoc on residential and commercial systems. Since they are unforeseen, many people may be underequipped to handle them. For instance, emergencies such as natural gas leaks or clogged sewer lines require a special skill set. Not to mention, they may need intricate equipment out of the reach of non-professionals. In these situations of despair, it’s often necessary to call an emergency plumber. If you’re on the fence about the decision, here are top reasons why you need an emergency response:

1. If you’re dealing with broken or burst pipes

Damaged or leaking pipes may result in water damage, which is a serious and costly issue. For instance, following water exposure on a laminate floor with open edges, it only takes 4 hours for the water to render the material unsalvageable. 

Damaged pipes are not easily apparent. Check for potential warning signs, such as wet spots on the ceiling. In all cases, don’t hesitate. Turn off the water from the mains meter. 

You may have to go without water for a considerable time before you fix the issue. It may mean missing out on hot showers or not having water to run the dishwasher. That’s why many homeowners and commercial facilities request emergency responses for damaged or leaking pipes. 

Of course, there are some temporary emergency interventions, such as using repair sleeves. However, to deal with the issue once and for all, it’s worth it to request services from an emergency plumber.

2. You can’t wait for regular services

With multiple activities competing for your attention, your time is a very scarce resource. An issue such as not being able to do the laundry can result in frequent trips to the laundromat. You will end up wasting precious time, better used for other productive tasks.

Emergency plumbers don’t pick and choose services that qualify for an immediate response, despite how trivial they may seem. They offer a quick response within a couple of hours and mostly within the same day. You can flexibly set appointments even during off-hours when you are at home from work. 

3. Potential risk of further damage

An appliance or fixture may be tinkering on the edge of irreversible damage. It may only take a bit of plodding as usual before things move from bad to worse. Probably, you have a garbage disposal that you have to give one slap or two before it hums back to life. Or you have slow drains that require flushing with hot water now and then. A gas leak may even result in an explosion if there is an adequate concentration of leaking gas and a small spark such as switching the lights on. 

Watch out for these situations and be ready to call an emergency plumber. You may think that you are frugal, but the resulting damage will be more expensive to fix.

4. Clogged drains

When there’s a clog in the system, it means that all your wastewater cannot flow through. There are some interventions to try, such as the hot water trick. You can also prepare a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. 

Homemade interventions may have a low chance of success if you’re dealing with a blockage that has been building up for months or even years. It’s particularly important to call an emergency plumber if the issue occurs with multiple drains, such as the kitchen or shower.

5. Overflowing toilet

The nastiest plumbing emergency that you may ever have to deal with is an overflowing toilet. It’s a potential health risk owing to the nasty bacterias in the wastewater. The greywater may damage your nice tiles and clean bathroom. So, calling an emergency plumber may be worth it. At this point, using a plunger may be pretty useless.

6. Water heater problems

Can you picture icy tendrils digging into your skin as you have a freezing shower in the morning? It’s not something to look forward to. Additionally, several appliances around your home may require a constant hot water supply. 

Water heater repair tends to be one of the top five service calls most emergency plumbing teams receive. The technicians show up with a truck full of necessary replacement parts, allowing them to resolve the issue without making a trip to the hardware store. 

Bottom Line 

Working with an emergency team will be an opportunity to connect with some of the most qualified plumbers. You should consider partnering with a service that can help you get connected with true emergency services. They should pick your call at any hour of the day, 365 days per year. 

The costs of hiring an emergency plumber will vary based on the nature of the emergency. Always ask for an initial estimate from a potential service provider. 

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