When the summer goes and the fall comes, it is time to renew our decoration. Have you thought of any ideas for your fall decoration? If not, then you come to the right place, because today we will talk about Top 5 Fall Decoration That Will Add More Colors And Fun To Your Home.

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Who knows that all of these acorns that drop down on your lawn can actually be used to decorate you, candle holder. All you need is to put grapevine wreath, then put the candle in the center of the wreath. Finally, arrange acorns around the candle.

Top 5 Fall Decoration That Will Add More Colors And Fun To Your Home

Isn’t it awesome to have an awesome decoration that not only makes your room look beautiful but also smells divine at the same time? If you want to have one, then this cinnamon candle is the answer. Arrange cinnamon with different weights around the candle and tie them by using twine.

Top 5 Fall Decoration That Will Add More Colors And Fun To Your Home

If you have unused wine corks, then don’t throw them away because we can transform these corks into an amazing fall decoration. Gather some unused wine corks, arrange them in pumpkin shape, and glue them. Then, paint the ends of the wine corks and put some leaves decoration on the top of the stack.


Who says scarecrow is scary and can only be used in an open field? Take a look at this scarecrow decoration, not only it will add a new touch in your room, but this scarecrow is also looked adorable. All you need is to get some terracotta pots, then fill the pot with grass and connect them together by using ropes. Then use burlap as a final touch.

Using mason jars for decoration is always fun and awesome. Take a look at how these mason jars will feel your rooms and front door with their cute and cool arrangement. Paint mason jars with chalk paint, and fill mason jars with fall leaves and use lettering burlap with a rope ribbon and your mason jars decoration are ready to use.



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