Moving into a new home is an exciting phase but it can also come with a lot of stress as it also includes packing, downsizing, hiring movers, and renovating your new place. It is actually a good decision to tackle home upgrades before you decide to move in because at this time the house is still bare. Before packing up, make sure to do these renovations first:

1. Fixing your walls, carpets, and flooring

You will never get a better chance to see the walls, and floors uncovered than before moving in. You can use this as a perfect time to check for imperfections or hidden gems in these parts of the house. For example, some homeowners would be in for a surprise finding perfect hardwood floors buried beneath piles of carpets. Now, instead of replacing the carpet to your liking, you can just hire floor sanding professionals in Toronto to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

2. Interior painting

It is a lot of hassle to paint the house after all the furniture is in it. Thankfully you can start and finish the painting while it is still empty. This is an ideal practice to avoid a potential mess. You can opt to hire professionals to do the job or you can use this as an activity for the whole family to get involved in the moving in process.

3. Winter-proof your home

Regardless of the season, you will be moving in, preparing your home for the cold months is a must. A house that has not been prepared for winter can mean that you will be raking in outrageous heating bills. Make sure that all rooms are properly insulated and furnace filters have been replaced.

4. Upgrade shelving and closets

No matter how much you try to downsize the things you will be bringing into the new house, it still can’t be avoided that the shelves and closets will not be enough. One easy and convenient way to work around this is by taking the excess things to Centron Self-Storage in North York. You can also choose to build additional closets and shelves before living in your new house.

5. Change interior locks

For you and your family’s safety, you have to change the home keys you were given by the previous owner. You can also add new alarm systems.

6. Check and install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Before you move in, check all of the smoke and carbon monoxide alarm systems that you have around. See if they have batteries and are working. Fix ones with issues before the family settles.

7. Remove popcorn walls and ceilings

Homes built in the 1990s are notorious for their popcorn walls and ceilings. These days, they have gone out of fashion so they are definitely an eyesore. Aside from this reason, you also have to be aware that this technique of adding texture to surfaces involved the use of asbestos. Spare the family from the risks of asbestos by having popcorn walls and ceilings removed.

8. Repair the roof

If you bought a house that’s in bad shape, then you need to prepare for a lot of repair works. One of the places that you need to allocate a lot of money to is the roof. Any leak could lead to damage to your home over time. Make sure that any holes have been covered to avoid mildew, mould, and rotting wood on your property.

9. Childproofing if needed

If you are moving in with a toddler, you have to make sure that is safe for them. Watch out for potential hazards and remove them if necessary. You can childproof everything by covering outlets, securing the cabinets, installing child and pet fences, and many others.

10. Do the major renovations

If there are any major renovations in mind, you want to do them before moving in. It will be a great inconvenience having to move out of the house for these works to take place, not to mention the hassle of packing things again. List down all of the things you want the house to have and get them done before finally settling in.

The house is not the only place you need to be mindful of. You also have to consider the surrounding area like the backyard or lawn. Install landscape lighting in Toronto to enhance the look of the house and keep your family safe from intruders. 

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