Do you know the health benefits of throwing a punch?


Punching drills are excellent for aerobic fitness, decreasing overall body fat, increasing body strength, improving your balance because of their coordinated footwork, and lowering blood pressure. 

You can enjoy these benefits by installing a punching bag in your home gym. It’s an easy, affordable process.

Before we give you a quick step-by-step guide to help you know where you can install it, here’s what you can’t ignore when selecting a spot for it in your home gym. 

How Do You Choose A Place To Hang Your Punching Bag?

Think about:

Its Weight

The heavier it is, the sturdier the platform should be. It’s not only about the weight of the punching bag but also about the force you will exert when you throw a punch. The beam should withstand the punching force. However, if you’re getting free-standing punching bags, you don’t have to worry about their weight on the ceiling beam.

Gym Space

How much space do you have, and what other equipment is in your home gym? A punching bag needs space around it when it swivels. 

Never compromise comfort and safety when fitting equipment into your home gym. Ensure there are no obstacles around your punching bag or other equipment.

After taking care of those two details, you can think about how you want to hang your punching bag, whether using a ceiling joist to suspend it from a beam or mount it on your ceiling directly. The other option is to use a wall instead of the ceiling mount.

The process of hanging it in these three methods is almost similar. Consequently, we’ll explain the method most people love:

How To Support A Punching Bag From A Ceiling Joist: Step-By-Step

Locate a support beam that can hold the weight of your heavy bag. This method is different from a ceiling mount because, with this one, you use a support beam that’s already available, so you don’t have to mount one. 

You can even hang it in the middle of the room because your ceiling beams are everywhere rather than when you mount your bag on a wall and can only punch it from a few directions.


  • Wrench
  • Eyebolt
  • Chain
  • Drill & bits
  • Punching bag
  • Snap hook
  • A ladder


Step 1

Select a spot on the ceiling beam with enough space for movement when you throw a punch. Put a tiny mark with a drill, then drill a hole the size of the eyebolt you’re using.

Step 2

Insert an eyebolt into the hole and tighten it with a wrench.

Step 3

Run the chain through the punching bag, then attach the same chain to the hook.

Step 4

Raise the punching bag and hang it on the eyebolt through the hook. Have someone support the punching bag from underneath if you can’t manage its weight while standing on a ladder. 

Step 5 

Hang it a safe distance from the floor and other equipment around. Its top should be almost level with your head when you step down from the ladder so that as you throw punches, it’s almost as though you’re punching an opponent.

Step 6

Remove the ladder and throw a few punches to confirm the installation is firm.

Now, you’re ready to start enjoying the benefits of a heavy bag any time of day or night.


You can wake up to a few rounds of boxing as soon as tomorrow if you get that punching bag installed today. First, consider the amount of space in your home gym. You don’t want it too close to a door, a window, or other equipment. 

Further, you have to install it on a beam or a wall that can support its weight. Your options are using a ceiling joist, mounting it directly on the ceiling, or a wall. Of these three methods, a ceiling joist takes advantage of the support the ceiling beams have. 

But if you’d prefer to forego the whole process of installation, you can get a free-standing heavy bag. What’s your preference?


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