Who would have thought that we would be living through events that will surely make it into the history books? We’ve experienced a lot in these past two years and of all those life-changing moments, people were able to sell their homes quickly and for a significant profit. The real estate market has managed to stay afloat and people selling property got to benefit from it. 

With that said, the tides may be turning. According to real estate insights for 2022, the latter part of 2022 is going to see the market slow down – prices will drop and homes will sit on the market for longer stretches of time. 

If you’ve been thinking about selling your home, you’ll want to do that within the next six months. But if you’re looking for affordable renovations to help boost your home’s value, we have a few bathroom renovation ideas that have a high return on investment.

1. Bathtub

If your home is older, there’s a strong likelihood that the tub is going to need one of three “RE’s” – replacing, reglazing (in the case of porcelain tubs), or refitting (in the case of fiberglass tubs). When you’re replacing your tub, you don’t have to install anything ultra modern or fancy. It can be a basic model that fits within your budget. 

One thing to note: whatever you do, do not replace a bathtub with a shower stall. That is going to be a dealbreaker for some buyers with young children. 

2. Vanity

A new vanity can change the look and feel of a bathroom, so you’ll want to pay attention to what kind of vanity you choose. For example, master bathrooms should have a vanity with two sinks and lots of counter space and storage. You can use a smaller vanity for guest bathrooms and pedestal sinks for powder rooms.

You should also choose a vanity that matches the rest of your house. What we mean is if you have a Victorian home and a farmhouse feel, you probably don’t want a modern vanity.

3. Floor

We shouldn’t have to say this, but carpet in bathrooms is a big no-no. If you have carpet, now is the time to replace it with some kind of tile, be it porcelain, ceramic, marble, or laminate. 

4. Waterproofing

The bathroom is a wet place and you’d think that it would already be waterproofed. Unfortunately that may not be the case in older homes (or homes that have had a DIY reno). So now that you’re selling and doing some projects in the bathroom, consider waterproofing it. This can be done by simply replacing the caulk around the tub, sink, and toilet. Or, in some instances, you may have to rip out the wall and install proper waterproofing materials. 

If you’re working with a contractor, ask them for advice on waterproofing your bathrooms.

5. Accessible design

Accessible design is something that all homes should feature because industry one-size-fits all blueprints aren’t cutting it anymore. If you want to appeal to a broader pool of buyers, think about how you can use accessible designs in your bathroom. Accessible design can include: installing a bidet or taller toilet, adding additional storage near the tub and toilet, opting for recessed niches for storage, using a wall treatment to combat vertigo, and more. 

Your contractor or real estate agent can help with ideas.

Bathroom renovation ideas that bring in the dollars

If you want to make money, you have to spend it first. Fortunately, these bathroom renovation ideas actually have a high return on investment, which is money to our ears! If you’re struggling with trying to decide which projects are worth your time and money, your real estate agent can offer great advice because they know what buyers in your market really want. 

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