Wall decals are a great way to add some color and vibrancy to your interiors. The world has been spending a lot of time indoors since the past year, and adding color and theme to your home will give it a fresh, new look. You don’t have to rearrange furniture, add expensive décor, or invest in art and sculpture to give your house a makeover. 

Wall decal sellers like nevernever.shop online offer various inexpensive, theme-based wall art that could become the perfect addition to any space.

How to Make Your Wall Decals Look Effective

The first thing you need to decide is where to place the Decals. The placement would depend on things like the size of your wall, the room’s dimensions, knowing which spot the decals will look most impactful, etc. 

Measure Your Wall

Before buying decals, measure the length and width of the wall. You may not want the decal to look disproportionate by being too large or too small.

Find a Suitable Theme

Shops like nevernever.shop online sell decals that go with a lot of themes. Floral decals may integrate well with a vintage theme room, and minimalistic patterns may go well with a contemporary room. High contrast décor is also gaining popularity.

Try a Few Samples

You may want to try a few different designs and patterns before finalizing a decal wall art. You could experiment with colors, ideas, and themes—the mood you want to set for the room matters. 

Popular Decal Trends

Decals have been seeing a steady rise in popularity because they are an affordable option to give your room a new look.

High Contrast Decals

High contrast designs are the new favorite. A white wall with black decal décor or a blunt navy blue wall with red patterns can give the room a vibrant look. You may need an interior designer’s help to make high-contrast décor and decals work unless you have the artistic streak yourself.


Shadow and silhouette-themed decals are also rising in ranks in the bestsellers lists. They give the room a very relaxed, poetic look. They are very subtle to look at.

Floral Decals

While floral wallpaper has been around for years, floral decals now come with exciting twists. They are great for bedrooms and bathrooms and go well with a vintage theme. Floral decals are now also available in contemporary patterns.

Art-based decals

Several artists are now selling decal versions of their paintings and work. If you want to give your room an artistic hipster vibe, art-based decals work great. Authentic art decals may be more expensive than regular decals. However, if the decal is for your studio or office, it will add a nice touch to the interior.

Decals Are an Affordable Method to Add to Your Décor

You can add decals to any room based on the purpose and theme of the room. Decals are a trendy addition to nurseries and kid rooms. The most convenient thing about decals is that you can remove them quickly. You have the luxury of giving your room multiple looks with the help of decals.


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