Welcome summertime by hanging a wreath in the front door to make your summer decoration look fresh. What do you want to do this summer might become an inspiration to create a wreath. The one who loves the beach will make a wreath that relates to seashells, sand, and sea star. If you are a plant lover, you may create a wreath with a sunflower. There are many ideas outside that you can bring into your wreath. Here we have DIY wreath lists that may inspire you.

Summer Hoop Wreath

Summer hoop wreath


Is there any old hope in your warehouse? You can use it to make a DIY summer hoop wreath with flowers. The one who loves the bohemian feeling will take this wreath for his front door. Feel free to add more accents.

Beachy Summer Wreath

Find the wreath in the nearest store in your city. Or, you can make it by searching for branches. Add some beach elements to get summer feel. Then, hang this wreath in your front door and or your empty wall space.

Blue Wreath For Summer

When summer shows brightness, you can create a bright wreath as well. In the picture, we can see wreath in blue and beautiful garland. Seeing this wreath reminds us of the beauty of the sea, beach, and everything between.

Sunflower Wreath

Look at this crochet sunflower that will give a new touch into your home decoration. However, you should have the skill to make a crochet this wreath. It looks eye-cathing to be placed in the front door to welcome your guests.

Burlap Flower Wreath

Play with burlap is a great idea to upgrade your front decor. Use it as a material to make a wreath as beautiful as the picture. Even you can make a wreath that more beautiful. Make sure it will blend with the whole summer decor.

Paper Wreath For Summer

You can do almost anything with paper. This summer, ask your kid to create a wreath that will change your home decoration. Add strawberry accents to show summer feel. See the design that is truly summer.

Wreath With Mini Cloth

Can you guess what the picture tells about? Yes, it is. A summer beach feeling in a simple wreath decoration. See the swimsuits that function as the wreath accents. So, the wreath is about what you want, your character, and your personal touch.

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