Besides a beach party, a garden party is also worth it to have. In case it is impossible for you to reach the beach, then the garden is a solution for you to enjoy the summer weather while you are having fun at a party with your family and close friends. There are some themes that can be applied to your summer garden like the fruity theme, coastal theme, or playing with the summer color scheme. Anyway, in having the summer garden party, you should consider to concern on some things like the furniture to be used to display the party serving, the seating, the decoration, and the food and beverage itself. We can show you things that will be used for your summer garden party. Here they are.

Floral Decoration

This summer garden party decoration has a floral theme that manages to present a beautiful appearance and will never fail in summer. Instead of using original florals, here we use faux florals made using paper so that they will present a very creative look. The faux floral used to decorate the wooden backdrop will present a more beautiful and stunning appearance. The yellow serving table located in front of the backdrop will present a very prominent appearance. Sunflowers and decorative tarts placed on the table will present a very festive look.

Fresh Citrus Decor

This lemonade stand is decorated with a DIY project that will bring out a creative and inspirational look. Citrus garland made with a DIY project using yellow paper material looks fresh. Then you can hang the garland on the front of the lemonade stand so that it will make your party decorations look more festive. You can also add a yellow banner garland so that it will bring a more festive look to your garden party. This decorating idea is very easy and will never fail to be tried by anyone.

Party Lighting

This garden summer party looks very lively with this lighting idea. String light that is installed above the party area will present a more festive look and is suitable for summer ideas. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also add another DIY lighting. Jar lighting and bottle lighting made with a DIY project will provide bright lighting and look very creative. Placing it on the table will be a very perfect centerpiece and will make your summer garden party decorations look more alive.

Boho Themed

Make your summer garden party look more festive than usual. This DIY garland will be one of the ornaments that can bring a pretty festive look to your garden party. Made with your colorful pom pom fabric, this garland manages to make your summer decor livelier and inspire everyone who sees it. Hanging it above the sitting area, this garland manages to create a boho look that’s perfect for a summer theme. Colorful carpets and throw pillows will be a simple but comfortable sitting area at your summer garden party.

Colorful Table Setting

A low table made using wood material will be the perfect furniture to complement your summer party decorations. A Tie-dye table runner placed on the table will beautify the party table setting. The colorful plate displayed on the table will make your table setting look very festive and suitable for a summer theme. The Pampas grass arrangement displayed on the table will bring a rustic touch and will never fail for your summer party decoration ideas.

Colorful Balloon Party

This garden summer party uses colorful balloons for its decoration ideas so it will look very festive. The colorful balloons installed on this lace tent manage to present a very beautiful appearance and are suitable for summer ideas. Pallet wooden table with a size that is not too big, will be simple but still perfect furniture in your garden party. Equipped with a striped table runner, it will make this table look more attractive. Then you can also present a flower arrangement on the table so that it will become a very beautiful and stunning centerpiece.

Summer Fresh Food Serving Party

This party carries healthy food with a food dish that characterizes summer. Served using a wicker bowl, metal bowl and green bowl will make your serving party look more varied. Displayed on a fairly long table with a white table cloth will make this food very easy to access for anyone. Green plants around the garden will present a beautiful appearance and make the air fresher. This healthy food serving idea is very simple and will never fail for a summer pary decoration idea in your garden.

Tropical Themed

A wooden table painted in white will be the perfect furniture for decorating your summer garden party. The round wicker placemat displayed on the table will present a quite interesting artistic appearance. Some green plants that are placed in the middle of the table will indirectly become a simple but still attractive table runner. Then you can also add a leaves arrangement on it so that it will become the perfect centerpiece and bring out a tropical charm. Faux vines garland hanging in the party area will strengthen your tropical decoration so that it will look very refreshing and suitable for a summer theme.

Beverage Serving

This beef is served on a table with a white tablecloth that will present an elegant appearance. Placing it in front of a wall, will make this beverage serving easier to access and still perfect for your summer garden party. Real flowers hanging above the beverage serving area will present a very beautiful summer look in a fairly easy way. It’s not enough to get here, you can also add vines there so that it will add to the freshness of your summer party. This decoration idea uses natural materials that match the outdoor theme so it will never fail to try.

Simple Summer Party

The greenery fence will be the main background at your summer garden party so it will bring a fresh look there. Banner garland made using patterned fabric will present a creative look. Then you can hang it on a greenery background so that it will present a more festive look. You can also add a colorful paper fan so that it will make your summer party decorations livelier. The flower arrangement displayed on the table will present a beautiful appearance and manage to steal the attention of everyone who sees it. You can also add a summer sign on the table to make your summer party decoration more perfect.



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