With the longer days of spring, you can find endless craft ideas for spring. One of materials that can be used to make a spring craft is papers, especially colorful papers. Spring is identical to the colorful decorations. And to get an inexpensive spring decoration, you can use paper to make a spring craft. In using papers for spring craft, there are wide ideas that you can try and even you can make it with your kids. Your kids will love creating paper flowers. The paper flowers can make a colorful and fun gift for your kids. Another idea to use paper for spring craft is to make nests, butterfly, bee, ladybugs, bunnies, spring banner, wreaths, colorful Easter eggs, and more. Furthermore, these simple spring paper craft ideas are easy to make and can be used to decorate your home during this season. It is not only pretty, but they’re also fun to make! So get crafting this spring!

Fill colorful wicker baskets with hand-cut grass made of paper for a look that gives it a big spring feel. The hand-cut grass paper act as a nest for your eggs. Using green paper and cut into small pieces like grass will give the perfect design. Adding this pink paper basket would make a beautiful and eye-catching home table decor. You can add some painted eggs to create a beautiful room decor and celebrate spring in your home. Placing this on a wooden table will make a beautiful room design and suitable for you to try. Green Paper Nest from housebeautiful.

These pastel “feathers” are made of scrapbook paper and hung on a branch for a festive decoration. Choose this pink, yellow, green and polka dot pattern for a festive spring season. It is a beautiful room decor and will enliven spring in your home. You can use a small tree branch painted pink to provide the perfect contrast to this pink ceramic jug. Placing these on the dining table will be beautiful centerpieces and steal your attention. Paper Feather Tree from housebeautiful.

Spring decoration ideas using paper butterfly-shaped ornaments placed on the baby’s breath will provide a unique decoration and steal the attention. Choosing this decor is easy for you to make and will create a beautiful spring while creating a charming room. Set on a jar of paint in bright pastel colors perfect for spring flowers. You can put this ornament on the dining table to create a beautiful room decoration. DIY Paper Butterfly from housebeautiful.

This bold and bright origami wreath will make a beautiful room decor and attract the attention of many. You can make your own from origami paper so you can hone your skills for beautiful decorations. Rabbits are actually quite easy to make that will grab a lot of people’s attention. You can add white pompoms for a pretty origami decorating idea that will catch your eye. Origami Bunny Garland from housebeautiful.

This cute DIY craft is perfect if you have kids who want to help decorate Easter. Just use paper bunnies with a polka dot pattern and add pompoms to create a beautiful and eye-catching room design. Now you can string these bunny pieces together to make a beautiful and stylish wreath. It is a beautiful room decoration idea and gives an attractive look. Hang it on the wall of your house to enliven spring in your home.  Paper Pom-Pom Bunny Tail Garland from housebeautiful.

This adorable wreath is super easy to make. Just grab some seasonal paper, and you can shape eggs to celebrate spring in your home. Choosing colorful patterned paper and adding this purple ribbon will make any room decor beautiful and eye-catching. Hanging on the door or wall of this house will be an attractive and perfect room decoration. Paper Wreath from housebeautiful.

The creativity of this colorful egg-shaped paper makes room decorations beautiful and steals the attention of many people. You can make your own out of paper with cut out egg shapes for an interesting room decor idea. You can use an antique framed chalkboard for a unique design. Place it on the table and add flowers and a birdcage for a beautiful and interesting room decor idea. Paper Egg Garland with Easter Chalkboard from housebeautiful.

This large flower is a table decoration that can be a beautiful centerpiece. You can use pink paper to make your creativity more beautiful and look softer. Making them yourself will increase creativity and save money when decorating your home. You can combine it with framed decorations to give a beautiful look and steal the attention when your guests come to your home. Oversized Paper Flowers from thesprucecrafts.

These freesia flower craft decorating ideas will welcome spring into your home. This flower craft is a very beautiful design. Choosing these paper flowers will promise beautiful results and will steal the attention of your guests. Making your own out of yellow paper and a green wire will make a lovely room decor if you place it in your ceramic jug. This is a beautiful home decor for this spring. Placed on this dark wooden table, it will produce a beautiful room decoration and steal the attention of many people. Freesia Paper Flower Craft from thesprucecrafts.

Make your guests feel special at a spring dinner party with these paper flowers that add ambiance to your table. You can make your own by using yellow paper and placing it on glass for an interesting and eye-catching candle holder decoration idea. Paper flowers are wrapped around these small glass cups to make a beautiful room decoration and steal the attention of guests. You can make four of these paper flowers for a lovely spring decoration. DIY Paper Candle Holders from thesprucecrafts.

Made from plain paper egg cartons, this wreath would look spectacular displayed on a closed door or over a mantle. You can paint bold colors to give it a sophisticated and attractive look. Add leaf accents from paper to give it a beautiful look. Hang this wreath on your front door to showcase your art to your guests. This decorating idea will steal the show and will give the room an interesting look for you to try. Egg Carton Wreath from countryliving.

Shape a tabletop landscape with these eye-catching DIY geometric runners. This bold three-dimensional design will attract the attention of many for its unique dining table decoration ideas that will attract the attention of many. Use thick cardboard in 5-7 gem-tone hues to create a bold bohemian appeal. Create a modern minimalist look with a monochromatic color palette. This idea is easy for you to try because it will produce interesting room decorations and steal the attention of many people. Geometric Table Runner from hgtv.

Use crepe paper tape to make paper roses, carnations, and spider mothers for fun center table decorations or desserts. You can use wire rods with green ribbon to give the room a beautiful and attractive decor. You can place this flower arrangement on a purple ceramic mug for a pretty room decor that will steal your attention. This paper flower arrangement is easy for you to make to celebrate spring in your home. DIY Paper Flowers from hgtv.

Spring is a pleasant time of year. You can make your own spring decorations out of paper for a beautiful and interesting money decoration idea. Choosing a large egg-shaped decoration with marble color will be an interesting room decoration for you to try. Just use large paper and color it as you like then you can string it on a string hanging on the wall for a beautiful room decoration that will celebrate spring in your home. Marbled Paper Easter Eggs from thecrazycraftlady.

If you like creativity, you can experiment with paper flowers that are seen everywhere. You can apply this paper creativity to a lampshade and add some greenery, leaves, and flowers for a simple and feminine touch to your spring home decor. This paper flower lampshade is quite easy to make, so prepare some mod podge glue and colorful paper to make a unique lampshade decoration and steal the attention of every guest who comes to your home. Paper Shower Lamp Shade from thecrazycraftlady.

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