In welcoming the spring season, make sure that you provide some plants or flowers whether for your indoor or outdoor space. It will be really great to finally can see something fresh after the cold winter makes the plants hibernate. To support your needs in providing the greenery, of course, you should consider some things. It won’t be only about the plants and the planter but also about the rack that you are going to use to arrange the plants. You can’t place your plants just that way in a random place, right? You should put the pots in the right place and make them get their best performance to beautify your home this spring.

There will be varied kinds of greenery racks that you can have. The designs, materials, and colors can be adjusted with your home decoration style so that everything could be seen as harmonious. Here, you can have the stand rack vertically or horizontally, the floating rack, the hanging rack, and more. You can choose the ones based on the possible space in your house. Then, for the materials, you can have wooden, iron, bamboo, copper, etc. For the colors, you can simply choose your favorite one. But, we do recommend you to choose the one that could be matched with your home decoration theme. You can find the unique and proper greenery rack down below. Hope it can inspire you.

White Greenery Rack from Ohmeohmyblog

White Painted Greenery Rack from Homemydesign


Vertical Greenery Rack from Homemydesign

Floating Greenery Rack from Homemydesign

Double Ladder Greenery Rack from Homemydesign

Wooden Ladder Greenery Rack from Homemydesign

Wooden Crate Greenery Rack from Homemydesign

Over Window Greenery Rack from Homemydesign

Wooden Wall Rack from Balconygardenweb

Hanging Greenery Rack from Balconygardenweb

Old Ladder Rack from Balconygardenweb

Standing Ladder Rack from Balconygardenweb

Single Floating Rack from Balconygardenweb

Three Layered Greenery Rack from Balconygardenweb

Grey Greenery Rack from Balconygardenweb

White Floating Rack from Balconygardenweb

Wooden Greenery Rack from Balconygardenweb

Glass Greenery Rack from Balconygardenweb

Large Greenery Rack from Apartmenttherapy

Wooden Greenery Rack from Apartmenttherapy

White Wooden Greenery Rack from Nextluxury

Mahogany Wooden and Metal Rack from Nextluxury

Vertical Wooden Rack from Nextluxury

Industrial Greenery Rack from Nextluxury

White Greenery Rack from Nextluxury

Ladder Greenery Rack from Nextluxury

Gold Greenery Rack from Nextluxury

Black Greenery Rack from Nextluxury

Metal and Wooden Rack from Nextluxury

Two Layered Wall Rack from Nextluxury

White Floating Rack from Balconygardenweb

Vertical Wooden Rack from Balconygardenweb

Three Layered Wall Rack from Balconygardenweb

Three Layered Rack from Decoist

Natural Wooden Rack from Homemydesign

Metal Greenery Rack from Joyusgarden

Vertical Wooden Greenery from Joyusgarden

Industrial Greenery Rack from Joyusgarden

Pipe and Wooden Rack from Thenateshow

Black Wall Rack from Decorhomeideas

Vines Rack from Decorhomeideas

Hexagon Wall Rack from Dailydreamdecor

Vertical Greenery Rack from Dailydreamdecor

Medium Greenery Rack from Dailydreamdecor

Arch Greenery Rack from Decorhomeideas

Corner Greenery Rack from Decorhomeideas

Blue Greenery Rack from Decorhomeideas

Three Layered Ladder Rack from Decorhomeideas

Spring Greenery Rack from Decorhomeideas

Blue and White Rack from Decoist

Old Ladder Greenery Rack from Thesmartlocal

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