A lunch box is not limited for kids to school or adults to work. Nowadays, people can pretend to have the environment of school and office while playing together with family at home such as on a long holiday or quarantine day. Thus, here are the ideas of Spectacular DIY Lunch Box Ideas That Is Lovely For Kids And Adults.

DIY Lunch Box From Mint Tin

This DIY launch box from a mint tin is so cute with colorful duct tape. You can have your bananas, cookies, and candies inside. This box asks a simple process where you can only prepare the empty mint tin and some colored duct tape. Then, put the duct tape on the mint tin to have the result of this project.

DIY Metal Lunch Box With Creative Chalkboard Piece

Diy metal lunch box with creative chalkboard piece Spectacular DIY Launch Box Ideas That Is Lovely For Kids And Adults


This lunch box is a perfect way to pack a little love right in with your kid’s juice box. This project will tell you how to spruce up your lunch box complete with a chalkboard to send them some love.

DIY Fabric Lunch Box With Insulting

This stylish and comfortable lunch box of fabric with insulation is pretty perfect to hold the shape. Besides, the look is so cool. Moreover, it will be suited for everyone either kids or adults. The materials you need to create this lunch box are cotton fabric, oilcloth, reflective insulated lining, zipper, cardboard, fabric glue, white and black thread. Meanwhile, for the tools, you will need scissors, a sewing machine, measuring tape, pins, and zipper foot.

DIY Picnic Lunch Box With Grass

This idea is a perfect thing for you to make as a surprise lunch kit if you or your loved ones work in a concrete jungle but does not have the opportunity to go eat with nature. Besides, by its presentation, it will raise up the mood and bring happiness. Here, you can paint the view or print the template and complete the presentation with grass.

Chic DIY Metal Lunch Box With Flower Decoupage

This lunch box is probably the prettiest idea among others that pretty sweet for adults. The materials for this project are a painted dome top metal lunch box, decoupage paper cut-outs, decoupage brushes, and gloss finish decoupage. As a finishing, do not forget to add a chic ribbon bow to the handle of the box and carry your lunch with endless style.

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