Do you live in a studio apartment? It might be hard for you to have a garden due to the space. Don’t worry! Having a garden is possible though you are staying in a studio apartment. You can make an indoor garden with various plants inside. This way will not only give you a comfy place but also gives you fresher air. We have collected space-saving planter ideas to make a modest indoor garden in your small home. Check them out further below and get inspired soon!

Stick-Up Windowsill Garden

Stick-up windowsill garden


Stick up the pots on the windowsill to get plenty of natural light. This way will keep the plants grow up. Choose the one that does not need much water. So, you don’t have to water it every day. It saves space well because you only need a spot in the window. 

Beautiful Terrarium Garden

You can make it at home soon. Making this planter will not be tricky at all. Get a glass bottle and clean it. Then, add on soil and plants. It looks so gorgeous for your table decor too. This tiny garden will need low maintenance. Whether to plan or to care for this plant is not so hard. The supplies are easy to find, and they are free.

Self-Watering Planter

Adding a natural sensation to the room is a nice thing to do. It will upgrade the air quality. Use a self-watering planter. It needs low maintenance and gives you a beautiful view. Put a terracotta self-watering planter on your desk or any place you want. 

Living Art Succulent Garden

A vertical garden is a key to planting more plants indoors. You can start by making living art a succulent garden on your windowsill. You can make it by hand. It will need several pots. Make holes in them to attach them to the rope. Then, hang them on the windowsill.

Triple Succulents for Indoor Garden

First, you need to make the stair. It should be like a diagram. Put it on the windowsill. Then, attach a ceramic terracotta to each step. It will make your bathroom window looks fresher. Feel free to change the plants with herbs or cactus.

Natural Wood Log Planters

What do you think of these planters? Make them from wooden logs. Dig the holes and add them to the soil. Then, plant your plants. These planters work well for the indoor area too. Choose different plants like succulents, herbs, cactus, or even flowers.


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