So, you’ve just moved into town and found a cheap place to stay, and you don’t like how it looks – you’ll want to change things, make it yours. You’d like to maximize its aesthetic potential, right? 

If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place.

This guide is aimed at people who want to improve their homes but are restrained by their wallets. 

We’re not going to give you grand ideas because we want to help you make the best of what you already have.

This guide is divided into three parts. The first part will discuss the prerequisites of a home improvement project. 

In contrast, the second will look into the essence of minimalism as a core component of modern design philosophy, and lastly, the third part will give you some ideas to make your home look amazing.

With that said, pick up a pen and a notebook to start taking notes while reading this article. 

These notes will come in handy once you embark on a home improvement project. We say this because the temptation to fuse everything, even if they don’t align with one another, is stronger than it’s perceived to be.

Moreover, it would help if you also started by creating a budget estimate for yourself to know how much you are willing to spend. 

For instance, it entirely depends on your budget if you want to go with either Marblising Marble Planter or another stone planter.

What are the prerequisites?

So, before you start planning or even considering ideas, you need to assess. You need to ask yourself a few questions, and you have to be entirely honest with yourself. 

While idealism is usually admirable, you need to be more practical here because you don’t want to waste your money on useless things.

Therefore, ask yourself whether you would be able to finance the entire project or merely some elements of it. 

This can range from buying new furniture or painting the walls in a different color to doing both simultaneously. 

It depends on your budget, so you would have to see whether you would have enough fiscal space to pitch in money for home improvement.

Secondly, you must ask yourself whether you can do a few things yourself. For instance, it is not that difficult to paint your room, but if you rarely have free time and are caught up between jobs, it is perhaps better to hire a professional to do it for you. 

However, professionals charge a lot, and this is the cost you should be willing to bear.

Thirdly, you need to evaluate whether the things you are aiming for positively impact your life

Do you really need that new bed or sofa, or does it merely look attractive to you? If you are living on a tight budget, the last thing you want to do is spend your money unnecessarily on something you don’t need.  

Therefore, you should distinguish between your needs and wants as a first step and then plan further.

What is minimalism?

Minimalism is a core component of modern design and is primarily aimed at decluttering maximized spaces. 

With minimalism, your goal is to focus entirely on the essentials, which means that if you have unnecessary ornaments in your living room, you need to get rid of them and opt for things that make the room look neater and spacious. 

Colors also play an important role in minimalism, so if you make the right decision, you can achieve the minimalist aesthetic partly by only painting the room in the right colors.

As a key component of the modern design philosophy, minimalism allows you to create a focused living space. 

The main idea behind the modern design philosophy is that form should follow function. So, if the alignment of your furniture in your bedroom and your living room limits the functionality of those spaces, it goes against the notions of modern design, which you might want to reconsider.

Home improvement ideas:

Following is a list of some home improvement ideas that don’t really cost much but are great to look at:

  • Paint your walls:

We’re sure you guessed this one. You must paint your walls in new colors to make them look neater and aesthetically pleasing. 

You can even contrast two shades by dividing the wall into two or three parts. It entirely depends on your aesthetic, so if you are clear about how you want your home to appear and believe paint can add to the appeal, you should go for it.

  • Declutter:

You don’t want unnecessary things hanging on the walls of your home. If they’re not contributing to the beauty of the place, they should be done away with. 

If you have unused furniture, which isn’t contributing to the place, it’s better to sell it. If space is already limited within your home, the last thing you want to do is clutter it. 

Not only does this make the house look smaller, but it also hinders day-to-day life, as it presents hurdles in mobility.

  • Invest in modern furniture and art:

If your walls are plain and the windows have sharp squares and rectangles, you can’t do much with paint. 

Invest in modern furniture that compliments the look of your home. You don’t have to churn out a lot of money for this; rather, you can get l items at a discount at a store. 

We recommend that you start following the Instagram pages of these stores, so you know when they have a sale coming up, and you can reserve your finances for a few purchases. 


While this list is far from complete, it still gives you an idea of the things you should be looking into. 

You can also consider false ceilings and new lights for your home. Both are cheap options and don’t cost much, but they add immense value to the overall aesthetic of your home. 

So, remember, the first step is to evaluate things properly, the second is to understand the tenets of design philosophies, and the third is to look into practical steps.

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