Quilting is one of the most time-consuming and difficult activities. It’s an age-old technique to sew fabrics together. However, quilting can be rather confusing for beginners. Moreover, it’s a complex task and requires a lot of practice before you master it. Precut fabrics have immense advantages for quilters. It makes their task easy and more fun. In this article, we’ll look at the simplification of your next quilting project with precut fabric.


The term quilting refers to the joining or sewing of multiple fabrics. There are plenty of methods to quilt. For most of the time quilting was done by hand but nowadays sewing machines are also used for this purpose. Moreover, there are so many techniques for quilting. It requires immense focus and a creative mind to get the hang of it. In the past, fabrics used to be measured and cut and quilting used to be done using those fabrics. 

This was a lengthy process, to say the least. Nowadays, precuts are used. Precut fabrics make quilting way more fun and less time-consuming. Keep in mind that quilting is a bit different from sewing. Quilting is the art of joining 3 fabrics while sewing is just stitching fabrics to make a cloth.

Precut Fabrics for Quilting 

In the past, it could take quite a while to complete a quilting project. This is because the pre-quilting processes were complex. Finding the fabric, measuring it thoroughly, and then cutting it into fragments or strips was the difficult part, especially for DIY projects. 

However, now the precut fabric is available in the market, including precuts for every quilt type. You may also find precuts for quilting at QBPN over the web. Quilting book patterns are amazing. These precut fabrics are often sold in bundles and not as individuals. A bundle has approximately 40 precut fabrics in it and each fabric measures approximately 2.5 yards. They’ve made quilting a joyous experience by eliminating the dullness that came from finding fabric and preparing it.

Benefits of Precuts 

Precuts have made quilting a quicker and more enjoyable activity for many people. Most beginners used to give up due to the tiresome preparation of fabric. 

Luckily, today’s precut fabrics are amazing for DIY projects because you have a lot of choices for selection. They simplify your project to quite a degree and offer more room for enjoyment. In addition to that, precuts provide an amazing look and they are versatile. The best part about them is that you don’t have to worry about coherence. All the precuts go well together once you look at them from a broader perspective. 

Quilting tasks used to be hectic but not anymore. Ever since the invention of precuts, quilting projects have been significantly simplified. With precuts, there’s no need to prepare the fabric before you start quilting. Elimination of these pre-quilting processes by the use of precuts is quite advantageous. Plus, with the precut fabric already available, your DIY quilting project becomes a breeze. You can mix and match with a wide range of choices to choose from. This way you can save a lot of time and have fun during the project as well. 


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