Rather than saving scarves on a drawer, it will be more eye-catching to hang them in a hanger, right? Those scarves will function as wall accents as well. There are many scarf hangers sold in stores. However, it can be such a great idea to make your own scarf hanger. In this section, we are going to show you DIY scarf hanger ideas that easy to make. Let us check them out further!

Plywood Scarf Hanger DIY

This scarf hanger looks so eye-catching to put on the wall. It appears like a cloth hanger with many holes to hang your scarves. If you have free time this week, make this simple plywood scarf hanger. At least, you have to be able to do basic woodworking skills.

With Shower Curtain Rings

With shower curtain rings

In a cloth hanger, hang on five or more clear shower curtain rings. It doesn’t need additional space in your wardrobe. The rings will organize your scarves. Further, you are free to hang your cap in one of the rings. So a simple but pretty idea.

Unite Shower Curtain Rings

If you want to make a new scarf hanger with old shower curtain rings, you need to cover them up with lace or other fabric materials. This picture shows us that the rings are covered well with black fabrics. Then, attach them to each other with one tied piece of twine. So, awesome!

DIY Cool Clothespin Scarf Hanger

You will need tons of clothespins to make this DIY scarf hanger. Paint them in certain parts to look more eye-catching. Choose a wall art to hang the clothespin scarf hanger. So, it will give you a nice artistic organizer.

Pant Hanger And Shower Curtain Hooks

This organization will keep your room tidy and neat. To make this scarf hanger, you have to attain ten hooks that unite in one. If you love the colorful style, you may paint each ring with a different color. So, it will appear more mind-blowing.

Super Easy And Inexpensive DIY Scarf Hanger

Find a hanger that has a similar color to the rings. It will create an eye-catching scarf hanger. This inexpensive DIY is not a hard thing to do. Even, you can do it perfectly the very first time.

DIY Boho Scarf Hanger

Diy boho scarf hanger

To get a wow look for your scarf hanger, paint it with pastel color might a genius idea. This bohemian scarf hanger looks so artistic. The driftwood is painted well and appear so artistic.

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