What will your kids do this weekend? Asking them to make some projects that will enlighten their mind is a great idea. Learning science in a term of DIY crafts also looks awesome. What more pleasant than seeing your kids love to learn science and have fun? In this article, we recommend you kids projects that also will trigger their willingness to study science. Let us check them out below!

Cool Bouncy Balls

Cool bouncy balls


If your kids don’t love chemistry and physic, try this project this weekend. They will learn how to make bouncy balls and know well the materials used. Moreover, they will learn about how far the balls will bounce, the weight, and the speed of the balls.

DIY Bubble

Playing a bubble is so much fun. It doesn’t matter whether you are a kid or an adult, playing bubble will refresh your mind. This project will be so much fun summer activity. However, feel free to make it anytime.

DIY Lava Lamp

What about this project? You might remember about how to make this lava lamp. Prepare oil, water, and food coloring. Take an old bottle or as many as you wish to create an amazing lava lamp. This pretty easy project can be done well even for an amateur.

Cute Paper Clock

It looks so cute and pretty to hang in your wall. The good news is that you can make it by hand easily. Even it takes less than an hour with simple steps. Just take a paper plate and assemble the numbers. Add some accents like flowers, stars, moons, and others as your desire.

DIY Spectroscope

This homemade spectroscope is an easy project that will enrich your kids’ knowledge about science. They will learn how to see the rainbow from the old DVD. Please try to use other lighting features than your bulbs such as sunlight, lantern, candles, and others.

DIY Rain Drops

If your kids’ age are around 3 to 6 years old, this project will make them interesting. DIY raindrops will not give you a storm but the cloud and rain look so interesting. Hang this craft in the kids’ room to remain them how the rain turns from the cloud.

Colorful Eye Glasses

The picture shows us traditional 3D glasses that will make your kids learn the light-science. Download 3D image from the internet and apply in the glasses. The kids around 6 to 8 years old will love these glasses.

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