It is always exciting to face back to school time where your kids will have a cheerful day every day. Thus, to complete your kids’ happiness, it is a great idea to make them a special lunch bag that suits their style as kids. All the ideas of DIY lunch bag that is easy, cheap, and adorable are all rounded up in School Edition Ideas Of DIY Lunch Bag That Perfectly Adorable.

Chic Number Printed Lunch Bag With Buttons

Now you can stop buying paper lunch sacks and personalize your kids’ lunch bag to suit their style. This lunch bag can be made in bag lined or unlined. If you want to make it lined and interfaced you may use the quilter’s cotton. Meanwhile, if you want to make it without lining, you can use a sturdy home dec fabric and laminated cotton.

Snack Pouch With A Cute Food Applique

Snack pouch with a cute food applique School Edition Ideas Of DIY Lunch Bag That Perfectly Adorable

To create this launch bag, you may first draw the food applique details. Then, put your drawing under the fabric and trace it with a water erasable or heat erasable pen. After that, cut out the color fabric as the shape and glue them on the background fabric. Last, you can sew them on the out-line.

Colorful Fruit Stamped Lunch Bags

This is another applique idea where fruits as the role model. The materials you need are a fabric lunch bag, paint, foam brushes, and fruit. The stamps are made of half-cut fruits that paint in colors with the brush. After done painting, you can press each fruit down firmly and slowly remove to see your print.

Canvas Lunch Bag With Colorful Stitching

This launch bag is made of sewn canvas with colorful hand-stitching on the edges. The materials you need to create this launch bag are canvas, lunch sack, pencil or fabric chalk, stitching awl, waxed thread, 2 needles, scissors, and matches or a lighter.

Turquoise Drawstring Lunch Bag

This turquoise drawstring lunch bag is simple to make but perfectly adorable. The supplies you need to create this project are fabric, sewing machine, thread, single fold bias tape, satin cord, large crimps, craft glue, large safety pin, and needle-nose pliers.

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