Do your kids used to swim at a plastic pool? When they already grow up, it is time to omit that swimming pool. However, what about turning them into more useful things. This way, it will save your storage space. Furthermore, you will get a new item in your room without spending a lot of money. Repurposing old kids’ swimming pools is not a hard project. In this article, we gathered easy ways to repurpose old kid swimming pool things for other useful things. Check out further below!

Cool Doggone Perfect Swimming Pool

Cool doggone perfect swimming pool


When your kids have grown, you reuse their pool for your lovely dogs. This project might need several hours to do. However, the dogs will love to play in this new pool. Just dig a hole on the ground. Then, insert the old kid pool on it. Keep it stable by adding some bricks or concrete.

Easy Baby Beach Fun

When summer comes with sunny days, it is the perfect time to go to a beach. Ask your kid to play on the sand. Then, don’t forget to bring an old kids swimming pool. It can be used for playing sands during they play on the beach. Nothing to do just put on their toys inside.

Fun Summer Water Balloon Station

Ask your kid to blow up more waterfilled balloons this summer. Repurpose an old kid swimming pool and put on the balloons inside. There are many games they can do with this water balloon station. Just let them play along the day and see how happy they are.

DIY Guinea Pig Cage

Simply just turn an old kids’ pool to make a guinea pig cage. Even, it can be used for taking rabbits too. Add chicken wire or other similar fencing material to keep your pets. Then, add other things needed like dried grass, a bowl, and kinds of stuff.

DIY Beautiful Triple Tiered Garden Fountain

When you build a water fountain for your garden, it will need several dollars. However, it will be cheaper if you use old materials and build them by hand. Just like this beautiful triple garden fountain that is made of old kid pools. Separate the tiers with planters and you will get a cool water fountain like this.

DIY Critter Pit

Let your kids play outdoor with this DIY critter pit. Nothing hard to do in creating this cool station. Add sand or soil into the pool and put on their toys. They will enjoy playing here all day.

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