Your old baking pen is exactly can be turned into an extra gorgeous item. All ideas of the old baking pan are collected in Smart-Upgrade Repurposing Ideas Of Your Old Baking Pan. This repurpose idea can be with DIY projects to make everything corresponding to your needs.

Mini Cake Pan Floral Décor

Mini cake pan floral décor Smart-Upgrade Repurposing Ideas Of Your Old Baking Pan


Repurposing cake pans can create some beautiful decor especially depending on what you fill them with. This DIY project takes some old mini cake pans and fills them with flowers!

Cookie Sheet Magnetic Makeup Board

Cookie sheet magnetic makeup board Smart-Upgrade Repurposing Ideas Of Your Old Baking Pan


A new magnetic makeup board might just be the new best thing you make! All you need are an old cookie sheet, spray paint, and vinyl. Besides, this magnetic makeup board will allow you to clear up some counter space and looks pretty cool too.

Anthropologie KnockOff Shelf

You can actually create some more chic-looking storage with old baking pans. Start by removing the bottom, add a few shelves in the middle, and now you have transformed your old baking pan into an Anthropologie knockoff shelf. Through this idea, you will not only have upcycled an old rustic dish but created more storage and saved money. The supplies you need are lumber, hacksaw, drawer pulls, wood screw, springform cake pan, sponge, gold craft paint, drill, and picture hangers.

Mosiac Cooking Sheet Serving Tray

Through every time you use your baking sheets can become brown and quite honestly disgusting. Meanwhile, when it’s time to update them with new ones, instead of throwing them in the trash try adding some new decorations like mosaic pieces. The supplies you need are a cookie sheet, old towel, hammer, mosaic tile, mosaic grout, mosaic adhesive, rope, sponge, sharpie, and a hot glue gun.

Cake Pan Lamp Shade

Pans in your kitchen can retain a lot of heat along with a lot of wear and tear. Here enough heat, wear and tear to even transform cake pans into a gorgeous lampshade. For this DIY or repurposing project, all you need to find are some cake pans, wire hangers, and gold spray paint which, for a new lamp shade, is pretty cheap!

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