Check out your closet. Are there any stained baby clothes? Those might not be used anymore. You can’t give them to a charity as well. So, what will you do with those old baby clothes? Repurposing them is the key. You can make amazing little stuffed toys. Or, add them to improve your wall decor to look more artistic. In other ways, you can create more functional things like stockings. In this article, we give you repurposing projects from baby’s clothing ideas further below.

Alphabet From Baby Clothes

It is time for your baby to learn ABC. These letters are made of old baby clothes. Simply just create the pattern and sew it. Then, cut the letter by following the pattern. This project is easy and will not take much time. Thus, your baby will learn ABC for fun.

Easter Eggs From Baby Clothes

Decorating your little one room by using baby clothes is a great idea. Create the eggs from old baby clothes. Cut any cloth you want into egg’s shape. Then, hold it by sewing or you can use hot glue. Stuff with batting or leftover pieces of baby cloth if you want.

DIY Clothing Wall Art

Improve your wall decor by adding this DIY clothing wall art. Use a big-size canvas. Then, draw the art by using pencils. After that, attach each fabric piece to the canvas. This project might need several minutes or even hours to make. But, you will love the result.

DIY Baby Clothes Bouquets

It looks so pretty to give this gift to your friend who has given birth. A bouquet of baby’s clothing that is made by hand. Take baby clothes as many as you need. Then, shape each of them into a flower look. Thus, it will look like a beautiful bouquet of fabric roses. Feel free to customize the color scheme.

DIY Christmas Stocking From Baby Clothes

You can create a patchwork Christmas stocking from your baby’s clothes. This project will personalize your Christmas decor. Furthermore, it saves your budget. The stocking will add rustic and beautiful to your home decor.

DIY Baby Clothing Memory Bear

It is a perfect way to keep your baby’s clothes in a different way. Making a cool bear using a baby cloth is a fun thing to do. Take your leisure time this weekend to make it. Prepare some sewing tools and start to design your doll. It looks so adorable.


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