Take a look at your wardrobe! Are there any old leather belts? Instead of throwing them away, it will be better for us to repurpose them for other useful things. You can make more things from vintage home items to modern ones. You can make your own DIY crafts for home with old leather belts. Furthermore, you can sell your crafts online. Check out our ideas further to get more inspiration. However, you will need more belts than on your hand. Well, it is time for repurposing.

DIY Wrapped Vintage Vase

Diy wrapped vintage vase


What do you think of this vintage vase? Cool, isn’t it? Wrap your vase or pot with vintage leather belts. It will upgrade your vase appearance and upgrade your decor. Sure. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. This project is super easy and fun to do.

Lovely Hanging Terrarium

Hanging plants are one of the solutions to add natural elements to a house. Create your own style with an old leather belt. Use it to hang a glass jar. Then, put on pebbles, water, and plants. Hang it on the wall of your bathroom or any room you want.

Door Mat From Old Leather Belts

It looks so amazing to have this doormat. You will need more old leather belts to create one cool doormat. Use it to complete your bathroom decor. Well, you are free to use it anywhere. If you have more leather belts, you might create a rug.

DIY Leather Belt Camera Strap

Do you like taking pictures from around the world? Or, are you a professional photographer? Keep your camera with a leather belt strap on your hands. It will be easy to bring it anywhere without worrying to fall down. The leather belt strap is strong enough to hold your camera while you are walking to find a new picture.

Vintage Leather Belt Cuff Bracelet

Leather jewelry is versatile and casual. See this cuff bracelet that is made of a leather belt. You can make it as well. Customize the size and color you like. Then, add other accessories to spruce it up like beads, pearls, or others.

DIY Creative Belted Chair

What a creative idea! Makeover your old chair with old leather belts this week. First of all, you have to weave the belts through each other. To make it stronger, fasten the belts to the bottom of the chair with staples. Now the chair is ready. You can use it for the indoor or outdoor seating areas.

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