Whether your chairs are actually broken or they are just a bit weathered, you can turn them into great DIY furniture repurposing projects. These creative ideas below are all so easy to transform those old chairs into useful, functional, beautiful furnishings that you’re sure to be proud to show off. All ideas are collected in Brilliant Ideas To Repurpose Old Chairs Into New Furnishing

Outdoor Swing From Old Chairs

Brilliant Ideas To Repurpose Old Chairs Into New Furnishing


If in your home, you have got an old wooden dining chair that has broken legs, turn it into this wonderful swing. The kids and adults will absolutely adore this swing. Moreover, if you have got a couple of chairs, you can make a swing for the whole family. The materials you need are sturdy rope, and you’ll want to choose a tree that’s sturdy, too.

Unique Clothes Hanger

Brilliant Ideas To Repurpose Old Chairs Into New Furnishing


Here is the idea where you can turn those old wooden chair backs into these amazingly unique and eclectic hangers. Just remove the backs from the chairs, and add the top of the hanger. Whether you want to use them to actually hold your clothing or you want to decorate with them, you have to admit that these are the most unique hangers you’ve ever seen! And, you are the one who creates it.

Rustic Garden Shelf

Turn your old chairs into a rustic garden shelf is a wonderful upcycling idea. You can use this to display plants on your porch or to hold necessities in the garden shed. Moreover, it is the perfect solution for chairs that have lost their legs, because you only need the seat and back. Next, repaint and then sand it down to give it a wonderful weathered look

Old Chair Storage Box

It is an old chair storage box to store your items like jewelry, sewing, toys. Here, you can use the legs and seat from your chair and then add the cushioned top, and liner. It is mentioned as a relatively easy project and one that you can finish on a weekend. Besides, it is the perfect addition to your bathroom or bedroom, and you can create as many pockets or sections as you need.

Outdoor Bench From Old Chairs

Gather your three old chairs to create this gorgeous and comfortable outdoor bench. Next, create a custom cushion that ties them all together. Here, you can sand them down to re-stain or paint, or leave them as they are for a more rustic look. This is a great project for a bit of stylish outdoor seating for your home.


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