Are there any pill bottles in your drawers? Don’t throw it away! You can create functional things with it. It can be a container or a cute accent piece for your room. If you have more pill bottles, you can make them for a beautiful light garland. Sure. It is not hard to repurpose pill bottles to be something. We have gathered the ideas further below! Pill bottles are easy to find anywhere. Then, use them to make one of these crafts. Check out!

DIY Light Garland

Diy light garland


Orange pill bottles are perfect materials for DIY light garland. Just install a bulb in each pill bottle. If you want to make it more eye-catching, cover the bottles with butterflies, flowers, or other stickers.

DIY Creative Coin Holder

Make us of empty bottles to save your coins. It will give your more advantages to keep the coins in a coin holder rather than losing them from a black hole of a handbag. Even, we tend to lose coins from our pockets. Save your coins here and count how much money can be saved well here.

Perfect Pin Containers

Don’t let the kids play with sharp pins or beads. It will be so dangerous. Save those things in a pin container. You shouldn’t have to buy it. A pin container can be made of unused pill bottles. Put on beads, sharp pins, or needles in this container.

Cute Tooth Holder

If your child still believes in tooth fairies, make a tooth holder. You can use an old pill bottle. Clean it first so it doesn’t smell bad. Then, put your child’s teeth in it. Don’t forget to decorate the bottle with ribbons and or stickers.

DIY Easy Earphone Container

Do you often lose your earphones? That’s a bad thing, right? You need a place to properly store your earphones. Try an old pill bottle. No need to decorate it with anything. Just keep your earphones in it. If you like something more unique, just add a sticker or whatever you like.

DIY Cool Planter

What an amazing craft is this! Look at the planter that is made of a pill bottle. Even, it seems like a cool experiment for your kids. They can see the roots, trunks, branches, till the leaves and flowers. They learn how a plant can grow up day by day with this cool planter. Take an empty pill bottle. Then, add pieces of cotton and water. Plant your seeds and see how it grows.


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