Every year changes, we will get a new calendar. Then, what should we do for the old ones? It might be more than two calendars in a house. In the living room, in the bedroom, in the study room, or in the working room. Instead of throwing them away, it will be better to use those calendars for repurposing projects. In this article, we gathered DIY ideas made of calendars. Most of them are easy to recreate in your home.

DIY Wrapping Paper Gift

Diy wrapping paper gift


What do you think of this gift? It looks so cool by showing the date of your friend’s birthday. Furthermore, this paper gift is made of an unused calendar. No special trick is needed here. Just wrap the gift and give it to your friend.

DIY Paper Reed Picture Frame from Calendar

You can make this frame from some calendar paper. First of all, roll up the calendar pages. Then, glue them to make them more stable. Then, attach that rolled calendar to the frame basic. Let, the frame for several minutes to dry. The last, attach a picture of you.

Calendar Paper Beads for Bracelet

With just an outdated calendar, you can make many beads. Well, you are free to use them for making a DIY bracelet. Feel free to use the beads for other purposes like garlands, or other decorative accents. It is a pretty easy project that you can do so well in minutes.

DIY Colorful Origami Crafts

There are many paper crafts that you can make at home.  A calendar is just one of the papers you can use for creating birds, rabbits, bunnies, or others. So, don’t be stuck. You are free to use a calendar to make crafts just like when you use origami and other papers.

DIY Japanese Kokeshi Dolls

What a cute doll is this? You are free to make this Japanese Kokeshi dol just in minutes. Prepare the tools needed like glue, scissors, and accessories. Cut the calendar in any a certain size to wrap a toilet paper. Then, add around foam on the top of it. Completed it with hair, nose, mouth, and eyes.

DIY Simple Goody Bags

Cut the calendar and sew the bottom of it. This is not a hard project. Even, you can finish it in minutes. The kids can use this bag to carry cookies, candies, or raisins. Those bags look awesome for party decor as well.




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