Here I was, in my dream house — lying in my bed having fulfilled my goal of buying a house before 30! Why was I anxious though? After searching around for reasons, I was scared that anyone would walk in anytime. This was because all the hassle of shifting and fulfilling all the liabilities of buying a house made me forget about the basics — like changing the locks! 

Here are a few reasons that you must rekey your lock:

  • Your crazy ex has your key and no intention of returning it back. 
  • You’ve lost your key
  • You’ve moved into a new place, unsure of who else has the keys. 

I wouldn’t have gone through another hectic night if I had known how simple it was to rekey a lock! To save you from a situation like this, here is a short guide for you to DIY through an unexpected situation like this. Maybe reading this article, right at this moment, you’re standing infront of the door thinking of changing it. Well, here are just the steps for you to follow along: 

  • The first step is to remove the doorknob! For this purpose, knowing the kind of door knob you’re dealing with is important. In most knobs, you’ll be searching for detent access holes. It’s a small/tiny slot on the sides of the lock. When you locate it, use a screwdrive and the knob will be released as soon as you push it in. 
  • The next step is to deal with the cylinder inside. You’ll easily locate it as soon as the knob is off. If you see a cap at the back of the knob removed, find a tool that’s appropriate to remove it. Now to free the cycliner, push it in and it should be released. 
  • The next move is to take of the C-clip that the cylinder was stuck to.
  • Insert the key in the lock after you’ve detached the keyplug with the right tool and attached it with the cylinder. 
  • Moving forward, you have to get the cylinder plug out by pushing it. After this, the plug part will be left inside the housing to keep the springs and pins in place.
  • Now discard the old plug pins. Put in the new key after removing the old one. 
  • This step require pins and if you don’t know where to get it from, find it here! Insert these pins as per their instructions. Recheck it to ensure they are ficed on the plug’s top. 
  • Remeber the plug follower left inside? Well, the plug inside the cylinder will be replaced with that. Push out the plug follower while replacing the plug. 
  • When it’s done, inster the key and if it turns — you’re doing great! Take out the plug and change it with the C-clip. The C-clip should snap in place. 
  • Now for the simpleast step, place the knob back after reinserting the cylinder.
  • Don’t forget to test the lock and give yourself a pat on the back for not calling a locksmith for this simple task!  

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