How many old sweaters are in your closet? And, you still buy the new one every fall or winter. What about turning them into more useful and beautiful mods. Of course, we will talk about DIY sweater ideas that anyone can do. So, the old sweater will not make the closet full. Changing them for other purposes will be much more interesting. In this article, we have gathered DIY recycled sweaters that you can make in minutes. Check out further and get inspired.

DIY Cute Sweater Boots

Diy cute sweater boots


You can make these sweater boots with old sweater sleeves. Cut them out and sew one of the sides. After that add buttons to make them more eye-catching. Customize the size you want. Wear them to make your kids’ legs warmer along the cold days.

DIY Felted Sweater Slippers

Your little boy will love these felted sweater slippers. He will feel warm all the cold day. Feel free to customize the size you need. You can finish this project in minutes. Furthermore, you don’t have to use a sewing machine. These are easy to make by hand.

DIY Patchwork Messenger Sweater Bag

Are you a messenger girl? If you aren’t, it is okay to wear this bag as well. We love the patchwork that looks soo stylish and versatile. Cut sweaters with different colors and unite them in one. Add a leather string to complete its function. Cool, huh?

DIY Easy Upcycled Sweater Flip-Flops Slippers

Old sweaters are nice to make these DIY flip-flop slippers. We love the striped style that makes the flip-slops more interesting. First of all, you make striped patterns by sewing small pieces of sweaters. Then, attach them to the flip-flop by using glue.

Cute Bunny From Old Sweater

They are so cute, aren’t they? Having some bunnies in the bedroom will make you smile every day. Furthermore, they are good for your kids. Create the template. Cut the sweater by following the template. Sew it to look like a bunny. Then, fill it with fabrics or cotton. Add other accessories needed like google eyes, ears, or ribbons.

DIY Creative Recycled Sweater Purse

Cut the bottom part of the sweater. Sew the upper part to get a purse. Then, add a cute button. Add string from another cut sweater. Feel free to customize the size and color. This recycled sweater purse will keep your things. Moreover, it will work well no matter what the season.


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