Do you have a few old and unused sweaters? If so, don’t rush to throw it away. You can recycle your sweater into something new. Especially this Christmas. If you don’t have any idea to fill your holiday, you can do something with your sweater. You can use a sweater for some of your Christmas needs. It can be recycled for a useful thing. Both for Christmas crafts to make Christmas ornaments. Creating them with recycle sweater will create a whimsical look during Christmas. And also, using an old sweater for your Christmas decorations can help you avoid breaking the bank for sure.

There are many things that you can do with sweaters. You can recycle them into useful crafts like knit hats and reusable shopping bags, or you can use them to make lampshades or Christmas trees. One of the easiest ways to upcycle sweaters is with a DIY sweater wreath and garland. You can use the sweater to make some snowmen, gnomes, stars, Christmas balls, socks, mittens, and other Christmas ornaments. Another idea is to use the sweater to form a vase. Slip a glass bottle over it, and you have a cute sweater vase. Or, you can wrap a candle holder in a sweater sleeve. Moreover, if you need a unique pillow cover, take your old sweater then create it to become a pillow case. This article will give you tips on how to turn old sweaters into useful items for your home and family. Please go down and see more ideas.

Red and Black Sweater Stocking from theidearoom

Upcyle Sweater Ice Cream from theidearoom

Sweater Wine Gift from creatingreallyawesomefunthings

Red Sweater Candle Holder from creatingreallyawesomefunthings

Christmas Tree Pillow Sweater from pillarboxblue Upcycled Sweater Stars from pillarboxblue

Cookie Cutter Sweater Upcycled Christmas from pillarboxblue

Sweater Christmas Stockings from pillarboxblue

Sweater Felt Garland from pillarboxblue

Sweater Balls from pillarboxblue
DIY Sweater Wine Bags from pillarboxblue

Upcycled Scandi Woven Hearts Garland from pillarboxblue

Thrifted Holiday Trees from pillarboxblue

Giant Gnome with Sweater from pillarboxblue

Scandi Sweater Christmas Trees from pillarboxblue

DIY Upcycled Sweater Wreath from pillarboxblue

DIY Sweater Snowmen from pillarboxblue

Embroidered Sweater Ornaments from pillarboxblue

Norwegian Christmas Gnomes from pillarboxblue

Three Sweater Christmas Tree from pillarboxblue

Sweater Star Ornament from cleanandscentsible

DIY Sweater Snowman from prettyhandygirl Sweater Bottle Wine from prettyhandygirl White Sweater Wraped shade from prettyhandygirlSweater Potted Christmas from prettyhandygirl Sweater Wapedd Shade from prettyhandygirl

Sweater Wraped Vases from prettyhandygirl

DIY Christmas Sweater Ornaments from sadtohappyproject DIY Sweater Sleeve Trees For Christmas from sadtohappyproject DIY Sweater Ornaments for Christmas from sadtohappyproject DIY Sweater Pillow from sadtohappyproject DIY Holiday Sweater Stocking from sadtohappyproject DIY Sweater Gift Wrap from sadtohappyproject Convert Sweaters into Pillows from sadtohappyproject DIY Sweater Stocking from sadtohappyproject

Sweater Faux Christmas Tree from sadtohappyproject

DIY Upcyle Wreath Sweater from crayonsandcravings

DIY Cut Sweater Mini Tree from diyncrafts

Upcyle Sweater and Felt Tree Ornament from feltmagnet

DIY Upcyle Sweater Snowman from christmas.snydle

DIY Mini Wreath Sweater from youmakeitsimple

 DIY Beanie with Sweater from digsdigs  Red Sweater Pillow Case from digsdigs  Upcyle Sweater Stocking from digsdigs  Upcyle Knit Sweater Stocking from digsdigs  DIY Sweater Mini Christmas Tree from digsdigs Oversized White Braided Stockings from digsdigs DIY White Brided Christmas Ornament  from digsdigs  White Sweater Knit Stocking from digsdigs Sweater Pillow with Pocket  from digsdigs  Red Sweater Mug Cover from digsdigsSweater Ball Ornaments from digsdigs White and Red Sweater Candle Holders from digsdigs  DIY Upcyle Sweater Ornament from digsdigs  Colorful Knit Stocking from digsdigs

Sweater Knit Candle Holder from digsdigs

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