If before you only know that picture frames are not limited to just artwork and pictures, now you can see what we can do with picture frames. All the picture frame ideas are collected in Precocious DIY Ideas To Repurpose Old Picture Frames That Truly Functional And Inexpensive.

DIY Organized Command Center

This DIY command center is pretty complete with its hooks for backpacks, coats, and other items that can clutter an entryway.  You are suggested to use a large enough frame to ensure your family’s tasks stay organized and mudroom belongings do as well. The supplies of this project are large collage-style picture frames, paint, hooks, labels, decorative paper, scissors, tape, family photos, and dry erase markers.

Decorative Tray With Contact Paper

Decorative tray with contact paper Precocious DIY Ideas To Repurpose Old Picture Frames That Truly Functional And Inexpensive


Do you ever imagine having a tray made of the frame? The first step you need to do is pick a backdrop for the bottom section. This project took under 15 minutes while the result is insanely wonderful. The key to this project is if you choose a rustic frame you can go for a more glamorous pull. This is the duet of an old rustic frame that paired with sparkly handles for contrast.

Store Sunglasses On A Revamped Frame

If you have collection pairs of sunglasses, you are suggested utilizing a frame to keep them all on display. You can choose a shadow box frame to create this frame. The supplies you need to create this project are an ornate picture frame, ribbon, scissors, thumbtacks, and a hammer.

Shadow Box From Picture Frame

Any frame you have can be turned into a shadow box by adhering wood pieces to the backside of the frame.

Transform Picture Frames Into A Terrarium

Pick up inexpensive frames for a buck then make it look more expensive by spray paint in a matte color. Then to adhere to the frames together to create a box, you may use hot glue and duct tape. The complete supplies you need are brackets, screws, hinges, lightweight frames, hot glue, and white duct tape.

Picture Frame Jewellery Holder

This is a sample of a simple frame project you can do at home. The first step you do in this project is to replace the backing with a type of mesh. To add more style you can consider spray-painting the frame a fun color that will match your existing décor.


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