The Winter season will be the best time to put your outdoor into an indoor spot. Here we show you a sample of indoor plants to cure the winter blues. All the ideas are collected on Pleasant Indoor Garden Ideas To Cure The Winter Blues This Season.


No-Commitment Vertical Garden

This indoor garden uses a vertical design so it will present a fresh look without having to take up a lot of space. The owner uses a terracotta pot as a planting idea so it will look more beautiful. Terracotta Pot Wall Garden from @truewoodsnw.

Look at this vertical garden! The owner uses a black pocket to display some of the pots so they will look neat. Nowadays you can display it on the wall so that it is perfectly exposed. Pocket Vertical Garden from @summersolsticeguane.

This house is equipped with an indoor garden that will provide natural freshness in winter. This wooden plank garden with several potted plants looks beautiful and manages to steal the show. Wooden Plank Wall Garden from @lscostless.

Interesting right ? Some of the potted plants displayed on this wall will become a beautiful and refreshing indoor garden. The appearance of vines that water from top to bottom will make this indoor garden look fresher. Wooden Planter Vertical Garden from @balconygardenweb.

Hanging Planters

This indoor garden uses a hanging design so it won’t take up much floor space. You can hang it with wire so it’s simpler but still strong. Hanging Vines Garden from @ayamame_plants.

This water plant garden succeeds in bringing the perfect freshness with a natural touch. The owner displayed several of these water plants by hanging them so they looked more beautiful. Water Planter Garden from @chiaki365.

This hanging planter is perfect for indoor garden decoration ideas. You can hang some of these plants in the ceiling area so they won’t interfere with your space but are still perfect for providing freshness. Hanging Plant Garden from @ayamame_plants.

Setting up an indoor garden in winter will provide the perfect freshness. Here you can hang some potted plants in front of the window so that it will give freshness as well as being the perfect window treatment. Front Window Hanging Garden from @sy_life4.

Indoor Trellis

This indoor trellis will bring your walls to life. You can showcase your potted plants with a great metal trellis idea. Start by making a trellis with strong, neat cuts. Metal Trellis Garden from @home_ngarden.

This indoor vertical garden uses a trellis so it will look more orderly. Some of the plants planted in this vertical garden have succeeded in presenting a beautiful appearance and successfully providing freshness. Vertical Trellis Garden from

You can use metal trellis for indoor garden ideas so it will look neat. Then you can hang some potted plants there so it will look more beautiful and attractive. In addition, this garden can also be exposed from all angles. Wall Trellis Garden from @seaside_kate.

Framed Wall Garden

This dining room is equipped with a framed wall garden so it will give a fresh feel. This garden has a combination of green plants and moss so that it gives an interesting and different appearance than usual. Square Framed Wall Garden from @marcmichaelsid.

This wall garden is equipped with a white frame to make it look more elegant. You can use several types of plants there to make it look more beautiful. Having a small size makes it look beautiful without being overwhelming. White Framed Wall Garden from @v_for_verde.

Check out this succulent garden! Equipped with a wooden frame will make it successful in presenting a perfect rustic look. Now you can display it on the wall so it’s simpler but still manages to catch the eye.  Rustic Wall Garden Frame from @fennysflowers.

Presenting an indoor garden in winter decoration, will give a beautiful and refreshing look. Here you can use frames so that your garden looks neat and orderly. Large Framed Wall Garden from @coconutgrovelandscaping.

Angled Herb Garden

You can make an herb garden in the wall area so that it can accommodate more plants but doesn’t take up the floor area. Now you can use a white planter so it will look the same and look cleaner. Wall Herb Garden from @drsaradetox.

Take your cooking to the next level with this angelic herb garden. The equipment needed is a hanging pot and pipe. Then you can make this herb garden on the window so that it will make it healthier because it gets enough sunlight. Hanging Herb Garden from @providence_mom.

Effective and efficient. You can use a portable printer to make an indoor herb garden so it’s simpler. Placing it on the table will consequently make your herb garden very accessible. Table Top Herb Garden from @watex.greenliving.

Ladder Indoor Garden

Using an old ladder to create an indoor garden will present a very perfect rustic look. Here you only need to display a few potted plants on this ladder rack and are ready to bring freshness to your home. Rustic Ladder Indoor Garden from @cookingforstew.

Try using a ladder rack to make your indoor garden look neater. It’s quite easy, you can use an unused ladder rack and display some potted plants there and your indoor garden is ready. Wooden Ladder Garden from @shelearns_.

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