The Winter season will be the best time to put your outdoor into an indoor spot. Here we show you a sample of indoor plants to cure the winter blues. All the ideas are collected on Pleasant Indoor Garden Ideas To Cure The Winter Blues This Season.


No-Commitment Vertical Garden

You can have a great vertical garden even you are in a rental. Applying a clear removable hook to any wall in your home then poke a small hole on the side of a plastic plant pot. Last, hang it from the hook. After that, you can personalize the pots with spray paint to match your kitchen décor to make it a balanced presentation. The supplies you need are 3 plastic pots, spray paint, awl, small clear command hooks, potting soil, and succulents.

Gold Chain Hanging Planters

Gold chain hanging planters Pleasant Indoor Garden Ideas To Cure The Winter Blues This Season

These gold chain hanging planters are perfect for your home with glamorous style. Now you can take a small wooden container, paint it white, attach the gold chain to it, then hang it from a wall or ceiling. Besides, you can also group a bunch together and play with the chain lengths for a layered look. The supplies needed are small wooden jewelry boxes with removable lids, jigsaw, glue, balsa wood, 1/2’’ cup hooks, small gold chain, waterproof caulk, and sealer.

Indoor Trellis

This indoor trellis will bring your walls alive. You can show your potted plants with great geometric ideas. Start by creating a trellis pattern with thin strips of wood and nails. 

Leather Planters

These slouchy leather sling planters will do the trick will be great for a little bit of boho flair in your house. The materials you need for these leather planters are leather, brass ring, grommets, rope, and a container to hold your plant.

Angled Herb Garden

Take your cooking to the next level by presenting these angel herb garden. The supplies you need are an old wooden board, mason jars, pipe clamps, triangle ring hangers, stainless hanging wire, picture hanger, chalkboard paint, brush, hammer, nails, screwdriver, and herbs.

Ladder Indoor Garden

This one is an inexpensive idea to make a beautiful indoor garden. Create a shelf with planks of wood on each step. Besides, when the ladder rungs are uneven on one side, you can add another piece of wood to the shorter rung to prop up the shelf, so it’s straight. After that, you can paint the whole ladder, let it dry, and accent it with small potted plants.

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