Have you prepared your summer decor? Which part that you want to improve? Well. Summer comes with warmth and coziness all around. We need to add magical things inside. We wish to have a fresh decor with more plants inside to get a more natural sensation. So, the home will look more calm and restful In this article, we show gorgeous planter ideas to add beauty. Most of them are easy and affordable to copy. Check out our ideas further and get more inspiration!

DIY Lovely Stone Planter

Diy lovely stone planter


What a cute planter! Stones, or in this time we use pebbles are durable and versatile for any home style. They come in various sizes and sometimes beautiful colors. In this picture, we see a lovely stone planter that is made of grey pebbles. This is so magical to put on the mantel or anywhere you wish. Attach pebbles to each other by using cement. Then, let it dry under the sun.

Colorful DIY Terrazzo Planter

Do you wish to upgrade your indoor garden look? It is the best time to create a colorful Diy terrazzo planter in this picture. Moreover, you don’t have to spend much money to make it. Just grab tin cans and clays. Cover the tin can with clay and let it dry. Then, paint the planter with colorful geometric shapes.

DIY Cool Geometric Concrete Planter

What do you think of this awesome concrete planter? You can get it soon for your own home. First of all, prepare the cement and shape it in a geometric style by using cardboard. Let it dry under the sun. Then, you will get the geometric concrete planter as you wish.

DIY Cemented Planter

If you have more old towels in your closet, why don’t you repurpose them? It is easy to reuse old towels as planters. Apply cement to the towels. Shape them to look like pots. Then, dry them under the sun. Once, they dry put on soils and fertilizers. Plant your favorite plants. Feel free to put these cemented planters indoors or outdoors.

DIY Gorgeous Textured Red Planter

Isn’t it beautiful? Can you believe that this pretty planter is made of a tin can and an old husk? Sure. We tell you the truth. Anybody can make this beautiful textured red planter in minutes. Even, a beginner can do it easily. Grab a tin can and wrap it up with a red old husk. Don’t forget to use glue before wrapping. Easy right? No special treatment is needed.

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