When some people use pipe cleaners to clean bootles, you can make other functional things. Pipe cleaners are versatile and easy to shape. Using them to make crafts will give you wonderful things. You will not waste time on the wrong thing. You will appreciate yourself and your kids in the future because of creating something useful and cool. In this article, we have collected fun DIY pipe cleaner crafts that will boost your creativity. Check them out further below and get more inspiration.

DIY Butterfly Pipe Cleaner

Diy butterfly pipe cleaner


These butterflies are cute and colorful. Choose the pipe cleaners with any color you want. Then, shape them into a butterfly shape. You are free to make as many as you wish. This project is easy to make and will not spend a lot of money. Even, a DIY newbie can finish this in less than an hour.

DIY Cute Deer Bottle Toppers

This craft will improve your room decor instantly. Look at the deers on the bootle topper that looks like smiling at you. Creating this craft is not hard at all. Just take brown pipe cleaners and shape it like a deer. Then, attach the deer to the bottle topper.

DIY Cute Bunny Ears

What about this craft? You can upgrade your headband by adding bunny ears. Attach white pipe cleaners to the headband surface firstly. Prepare white and pink pipe cleaners. Then, shape them in ovals. Twist them carefully to look like ears. Then, attach the ears to the headband by using hot glue.

Pipe Cleaner Bead Snake

Shape the green pipe cleaner into a snakehead. Then, add googly eyes to make it more alive. Attach the beads that you have arranged in the snake tail. Feel free to make as many as you want. Then, customize the snake with your own creativity.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Mini Wreath

These mini wreaths are made of pipe cleaners. You can customize the size and color you want. Just twist the end of the wreath. Then, add other accessories like beads, pearls, or other things. Add a tiny ribbon pipe cleaner on the top. Put a mini pipe cleaner wreath on the Christmas tree or any space you like.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Cacti

Find out green pipe cleaners for a thrift store. Then, shape them into cacti. Add a pom-pom on the top of it. Create as many as you want. This project will be finished in less than an hour. Even for a beginner.

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