It is interesting how the pipe cleaner can be used to be the material to make crafts and DIY projects. Here, the products will be really proper to be the additional ornament for your home decoration. Awesome, right? Since the pipe cleaner has so many different colors, then you can get the pretty cute impressive ornament for your home. Also, the shape and the characteristic of the pipe cleaner make it possible to be made into varied products for sure. Of course, you will need another material if you want to have the more perfect product results.

In bringing the pipe cleaner to be a part of your home decoration, what you have to do is find out the space of your home that is needed to be added with ornament and the best ornament that could be proper. For your reference, you can use the pipe cleaner to make the hanging ornament. You can create a certain shape from the pipe cleaner then hang it. Of course, you can add it with other materials. Then, you can also make table ornaments that could be applied to your coffee table, dining table, or even for your fireplace decoration. Here are the examples!

Floral Wall Art from Modpodgerocksblog

Skeletons Garland from Modpodgerocksblog

Christmas Tree from Modpodgerocksblog

Pipe Cleaner Wall Hanging from Pinkstripeysocks

White Tree Ornament from Artsycraftsymom

Green and White Christmas Tree from Artsycraftsymom

Pipe Cleaner Wands from Artsycraftsymom

Star Ornament for Window Decoration from Artsycraftsymom

Colorful Flower Arrangement from Artsycraftsymom

Rainbow Wall Art from Artsycraftsymom

DIY Egg for Easter from Artsycraftsymom

Mini Christmas Tree from Artsycraftsymom

Green Wreath Ornament from Artsycraftsymom

Pipe Cleaner Heart Garland from Weareteachers

Grow Crystal Icicles from Weareteachers

Potted Flower Vase from Weareteachers

DIY Dream Catcher from Stylesatlife

Yellow Flower Arrangement from Stylesatlife

Mickey Mouse Wreath from Shelterness

White Christmas Tree from Shelterness

Wall Sign from Shelterness

Snowflake Garland from Shelterness

Silver Christmas Tree from Shelterness

Colorful Wreath from Doodlecraftblog

White Wreath from Realsimple

Spider Garland from Designimprovised

JOY Sign from Studiodiy

Red Wreath from Abeautifulmess

DIY Pipe Cleaner Garland from Handmadecharlotte

White Snowflake Ornament from Gathered

Reindeer Ornament from Gathered

Joy Sign from Gathered

Mini Wreath from Gathered

DIY Pipe Cleaner Photo Frame from Diys

Colorful Christmas Tree from Buzzmills.typepad

Green Flower Arrangement from Meandmyinklings

Candy Cane Arrangement from Houseofhawthornes

Vase Button Flowers from Hative

White Snowflake Ornament from Hative

Colorful Angle Ornament from Hative


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