Outdoor space also need our attention as much as the indoor. Some of you may forget to think about it since your indoor took your time. Don’t be! Let’s personalize the outdoor space by scroll down this article to get some inspirations!

1. DIY Fire Pit

Would it be nice to have an outdoor activity with family and friends in the middle of your own fire pit. Make one of it!

Here’s a true mini fire pit made using a flower pot to create the size and shape

For less than $25, we can make this small, sleek, and contemporary-style fire pit out of glass frame coverings, a metal planter, and a metal grate

Combine a hexagon-shaped fire pit made with lumber for the frame, fence boards for the slatted table, and Adirondack chairs for a spot-on design match

As long as the size is right, unused garden ponds work perfectly as fire pits since they are already lined with non-combustible rocks

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This fire pit is made from a kit, and it can be built in just two hours

Nothing better than a fire pit that can be double as a handy table when not in use

For a fire pit the whole family can enjoy, use granite, sand or pea gravel to make a wide circle around the pit

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2. Make Your Own Cozy Seating

Another things that you need to spend the day and relax in your outdoor space is absolutely a nice seating. These 6 DIY below will be the best spot to ponder and entertain guests!

Use an old set of kitchen chairs to create this magical spot in backyard

This cinder-block bench is an easy DIY solution when you’ve got a last-minute crowd coming over for a barbecue or backyard party

This bench is a nice and easy outdoor seating to make. not just you’ll have a stylish spot, you can also stow away any tools outside

Recycled wood slats from pallets and curvy-backed dining chairs form the basis for this one-of-a-kind seat

Convert the baby crib into a beautiful rustic bench that’s both practical and nostalgic

A little sandpaper and a lot of paint and polyurethane helped transform an old headboard and coffee table into a charming bench

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3. Vertical Garden to Spoil Your Inner Gardening Feeling

Your outdoor space is nothing without a greenery. So let’s spoil your inner gardening feeling with vertical garden that perfect for big and even small outdoor space!

Create a vertical planter pyramid using crates

One person’s trash is another person’s vertical garden

For a decidedly less construction-heavy project, neatly stack pots on the rungs of a ladder

A hanging shoe organizer doubles perfectly as a vertical garden. its pockets are the ideal size for growing individual plants and herbs

Just plant a pot into a wall or fence so you will have fresh herbs and annuals

If you prefer a clean, minimalist aesthetic, stacked cedar boxes attached to the side of your home make for a striking vertical garden

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4. Add Hammock

Boring with the usual seating? Try hammock!

Simply requiring a canvas drop cloth, a sewing machine and some tools, this DIY hammock will definitely make enjoying the summer sun even more enjoyable

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This hammock is made by painting a blank canvas but strong enough to hold up to 200 lbs

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This hammock only require a hammer and some scissors

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This drop cloth DIY hammock is a pretty classic design, so if you are looking for something simple and relatively unobtrusive, then it would be perfect

The base DIY is a very simple hammock made from muslin, what makes it more exciting is the fringe detailing that has been added around the edges

Forget about having a rocking chair on the porch, make yourself one or two of these macrame hammock chairs

Another plus side of making a hammock out of a beach towel is that they can be incredibly inexpensive and are obviously easy to find

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5. Outdoor Lighting

And last but not least, don’t forget the lighting!

Make this super cool DIY using old glass canisters, glass paint, and battery operated tea lights

This tin can solar lantern is budget friendly and super easy to make. and plus, their warm light brings a relaxing ambiance

Tiki torches are a great way to light up your outdoor gathering, and these DIY torches made from upcycled wine bottles will even help keep the bugs away

Who need a flashlight if you already make this one

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