Who doesn’t love parties? To get rid of stress, boost our mood, a party is one way to get back our spirit to life. Have fun and enjoy anything without wondering how much your score or what will you do next. Any party you want will not look festive without any decoration. You should prepare for your party. Don’t worry about the budget. We have gathered party decorating ideas that anyone can do though with less money. Check out the lists below to get inspiration.

Pretty Golden Crown

Pretty golden crown


Do you want to hold a party for kids? This crown theme will be a great idea. Rather than some hats, crowns look much better. You have to buy some golden papers and make the crown by hand. What a pretty idea! Gold things are great for any party as well.

Pretty Flowers

Crepe paper flowers are awesome for any party decoration. Applying flowers will bring a natural tone into your room. It gives a festive feeling with simple touches. No matter what the theme, paper flowers are nice to complete the decor.

Hot Air Balloons

The balloons float to the air in this party decoration. Stack them in their position by using cardstocks. This decor needs not a lot of money. The result will not make your kids upset. See how pretty this decor for a birthday party.

Add Levels to The Dessert Table

Add levels to the dessert table is a simple idea and give a big impact on it. Customize the level to keep your decoration eye-catching. The foods, drinks, cakes, and other things will look more festive with this idea. Furthermore, it looks more instagramable.

More Festive Glass

What about changing your champagne glasses’ appearance. Add triangle gold vinyl with different sizes to the glass look awesome. You don’t have to buy the new glasses, you can use the old ones with little gold touches. Awesome, right?

Festive Cake Decor

The white cake looks more interesting with a colorful top. This pretty decoration works well for a birthday party. The colorful garland on the top of this cake improves your decor very well. Add other pieces to spruce it up like chocolate buttons.

Beautiful Paper Starbursts

Need an idea to decor your summer party? What about using these beautiful paper starbursts? These are pretty simple to make and will not need a lot of money. Furthermore, the starbursts are easy to copy and customize with other colors.


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