Do you collect paperclips? Even if you don’t recognize them, you will adore how they are useful for life. What can they do? Simply, paper clips will help us to connect one thing to another. They are only for losing paper together. We can use paperclips for more things to make our life easier. Some of them will make you surprised. Well. Check out our ideas further below to know what paperclips are for!

Paperclips for Christmas Lights

Paperclip for Christmas lights


Christmas days are about lights. Use paperclips to attach the lights. They will be more stable all day and night. Paperclips will help you decorate your room with more lights without calling professionals. 

DIY Paperclip Zipper Pull

Missing zipper pull of your jacket? No worry! You can use a paperclip to replace it. Just attach the paperclip to the zipper. It is a super easy hack that will make your fashion easier. So, you don’t have to buy a new zipper. Cool, huh?

DIY Hanging Ornament

Do you need an ornament hanger? Pick up a paperclip. You can use it to hang a bulb, star, or other ornaments on the tree. This hack will ease your task of hanging some ornaments for your room decor. Super easy, right?

DIY Jewelry Organizer

Do you need a jewelry organizer that is easy to make? Look at this DIY paperclip DIY jewelry organizer. Use colorful paperclips to make your jewelry organizer more interesting. You can follow the instructions from here to create this project.

DIY Picture Banner

Hanging pictures on the wall will be easier. Use paperclips to display your photos! Create your private gallery wall. Feel free to customize the design you want. It will be much better to use colorful paperclips to make your gallery wall more pop.

Paperclip Bookmark

Are you a bookworm? Customizing bookmarks might become one of the best things to do. With wonderful bookmarks, you will read better. They help you to find the right page easily. Embellish the paperclips with a fabric flower or button. Then, see how beautiful your bookmarks are! Follow the instructions about how to make paperclip bookmarks here.

DIY Paperclip Luggage Lock

We have to lock our luggage when traveling. Sometimes, the zippers can open themselves. Lock them using paperclips. Keep your luggage secure during traveling with a paperclip. Then, enjoy your time anywhere without wondering about your luggage.


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