Paper bags are versatile and affordable for anyone. You can make DIY crafts from paper bags as well. Whether you want to make a toy or other useful things. If you haven’t made any plan this week, you can make some crafts using paper bags. Buy them in the store or the unused paper bags. In this article, we give you our lists of paper bag crafts that easy and fun to do. Check them out further below and get more inspiration.

Leaf Lantern Paper Bag

Leaf lantern paper bag


Having these lanterns will add rustic touches to your room decoration. Apply different colors for leaves will be a nice idea. These lanterns are awesome to show a romantic feeling. Furthermore, you can use them for your bedroom or living room. Furthermore, you can use these lanterns to celebrate any festival in your country.

Pretty Paper Bag Bouquets

Simple bouquets will upgrade your room decoration instantly. First of all, put a bouquet into a glass jar and fill it with water. After that, put the bouquet into a black paper bag. Overall, it appears like a modern vase, right? The flowers will add a natural feel to your room.

Paper Bag Ball

When the weather looks so cold outside, playing football inside. Create your own ball from paper bags is a great idea. You don’t have to worry about your furniture because the paper bag ball will not break anything. Have fun!

Paper Bag Pirates

It isn’t a hard thing to make this cute puppet actually. You only have to be able to cut and attach each item. Add the eyes to make it more alive. Playing this puppet with your kids will be a fun thing to do. Feel free to customize the color and shape.

Paper Bag Gift

See the expression of this owl! It looks like a cute owl with all its wise. Give thanks to your friend and use this paper bag. Put on your gifts inside and give them to your friend. We guarantee that she will love the bag. Don’t worry! This is an easy craft ever!

Faux Nest From Paper Bag

There is no need for any hard thing to do to make this pretty cute faux nest paper bag. Even you don’t have to spend any money at all except to buy the faux eggs and bird. This craft works well for Easter Day and you can keep it for any season.

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